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Below is user information for *GiVe*UnTo*Me*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:makexover (712312)
Location:London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:PinKxJeLLyBeAnS (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Vicky and I think you suck. :)
Interests:139: 12 stones, afi, alabama, alice in chains, amy studt, bad religion, baths, beyonce, big brovaz, black, black nail varnish, black roses, blue, bondage, britney spears, brown eyes, busted, cameras, cats, chicago, chocolate, cookies, creed, crimson, crying, dance, dancing, dancing in the rain, david sneddon, day dreaming, december, delta goodrem, dido, dogs, drama, dream catchers, dreaming, english, evanescence, eyeliner, fairies, fear, fire, flowers, french, girls aloud, glow in the dark, good charlotte, hair, handcuffs, happiness, haunted houses, holding hands, horror films, hugs, i love you's, ice, ice cream, infatuation, jeepers creepers, jessica simpson, kisses, korn, lace, laughing, lavender, leather, legally blonde, limp bizkit, linkin park, long walks, love, making people laugh, making people smile, marilyn manson, mint, movies, murderdolls, music, nickelback, night, no doubt, nofx, not another teen movie, pain, photographs, piercings, pitchshifter, playboy, pod, poetry, puddles, purple, pvc, rain, reading, red, red roses, rejection, romance, roses, rushes, s club 8, sean paul, shooting stars, silk, singing, sleeping, slipknot, smiles, stacie orrico, stars, stone sour, straight jackets, sunrise, sunset, tears, temptation, the calling, the dark, the exorcist, the moon, the ring, the sun, theme parks, thinking, trapt, unicorns, unsent letters, velvet, walking in the rain, walking on water, water, westlife, whips, wilting roses, wind, wind chimes, writing
Friends:3: theoutsidaz, xstainedxwingsx, _brokenxangel
Friend of:3: theoutsidaz, xstainedxwingsx, _brokenxangel
Account type:Free User

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