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Below is user information for LOOPY LUPIN. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:madmartigan (26128)
Location:Ontario, Canada
Bio:I have an unexplainable need to write, thats what this is, a place where I can write whatever I want, no matter how stupid, and it will almost always be stupid. I'm an aspiring lost soul who wishes he could write, dance, play and be merry.
Interests:143: 1984, 5th element, 60's, adventure, aesop, alice in wonderland, andy dick, andy kaufman, andy warhol, animal farm, anti-american, arthur c. clarke, bablyon 5, basketball diaries, beatles, blade runner, blert, books, brimstone, c. s. lewis, chasing amy, che guevara, clerks, communism, creatures, david crosby, death, dogma, douglas adams, dune, enders game, eyes, fairy tales, fantasy, fidel castro, fifth element, fire, frank baum, frank herbert, freedom, gary oldman, geen eggs and ham, george harrison, george lucas, george orwell, girls, god, harry potter, heresy, hi fidelity, history, hufflepuff, hunter s. thompson, irony, j.r.r. tolkien, jabberwocky, jack black, jim carroll, john lennon, karl marx, ken kesey, kevin smith, kyle gass, laughter, lewis carroll, life of brian, loneliness, looking for god, lord of the rings, lost souls, lou reed, love, luc besson, lucifer's hammer, madmartigan, mallrats, matthew good, matthew good band, matthew lillard, meaning of life, merry pranksters, misery, monty python, movies, mr moony, mr padfoot, mr prongs, music, narnia, natural born killers, night, nostradamus, oracles, orson scott card, peace, phillip k. dick, pink floyd, predictions, quotes, rain, records, ridley scott, robert a. heinlein, rock and roll, running away, satire, sci fi, slc punks, socialism, souls, space, star trek, star wars, stars, starship troopers, stories, storms, story telling, suicide, syd barrett, tarot cards, tenacious d, the doors, the factory, the future, the past, the wall, they might be giants, thx 1138, timothy leary, tony clifton, trainspotting, travel, velvet underground, video games, warwick davis, white stripes, william gibson, willow, wisdom, wish you were here, wishes, wizard of oz
Friends:6: drgonzothx, fee, her, madcaplaughs, reverendchi, snow_surfer
Friend of:2: fee, snow_surfer
Member of:3: community_ads, dead_melodies, the_merrymuggle
Account type:Early Adopter

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