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Below is user information for Benji Madden. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:madexmanxbenji (187880)
Name:Benji Madden
Location:Waldorf/Naptown, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:LilxFluckerxBenj (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Benji Madden, I'm back up vocals and lead guitar in the band Good Charlotte.
Interests:58: 63' chevy impala, all things rock, billy martin, boo berry, cash dogg, chad, chilling, chris, coffee, emo, everclear, fans, free food, ghetto, girls, goldfinger, goth girls, government issue, greenday, guitar, hip hop, joel madden, low riders, mc hammer, mest, minor threat, mosh pits, music, mxpx, new found glory, nirvana, oasis, old clothes, old junk stores, paul thomas, peircings, pizza, punk, punk girls, punk rock, punk rock shows, punks, rancid, rock, sex with billy, singing, sum41, tattoos, the beastie boys, the clash, the donnas, the ramones, the sex pistols, the simpsons, tony lovato, vintage clothes, walks, writing songs
Friends:78: akutcher, aleciaxxmoore, alyson__h, anna_kournikova, ashleypwangel, a_schull, baltimore_evan, bass_l, ben_dover, bjeanspears, ccomeau, cfarrell, chriskeeto, clarkson____, dan_showed_you, davematthews, deryckwhibley__, donna___r, dude_its_dave, em__vancamp, erika__c, fallonator, front_door, g_harold, hollyvalance_, jaded_hollywood, jamesvanderbeek, jenn_garner_, jizzoel, joshuas_chasez, josh_gracin, josie_nutter, josie___, kate_garry, kerr, kimmathers, kirsten_d_, k_heigl_, k_ozbourne, lavigne_avy_r, mack_a, marsh_mathers, martinbilly, matthew_damon, mere_monroe, michellejaquet, mister_jt, mooch_trace, murphy__britt, m_kirshner, natalie_anne, nicky_hilton__, orlandobloom_, penelope_cruz, rpg_ads, sanoexlake, shelliwhite_, tara_reid_x, taylorhanson_, tay_h, thomas_paul, tickle_me_tom, tony_x_lovato, topher_grace, volkova_, xmila_kunisx, xo_willa, xpierrebouvierx, xtiina_aguilera, _amerie, _bradford_, _cuthbert, _dominique, _emmanuelle, _kreuk_, _marion_, _marit, _shaw
Friend of:3: fallonator, k_ozbourne, xcoldcutterx
Member of:2: jaded_hollywood, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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