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User:machoman (135235)  
Name:Our favorite Song
Location:neshanic station, New Jersey, United States
When you sleep,
No one is homeless.
When you sleep,
You can't feel the hunger.
When you sleep,
No one is lonely in a dream.
Without classes,
Without nations...
When you sleep,
She's standing there with open arms,
And one night could last forever,
And if you asked her,
She'd never let go,
And you'd stay forever...

And the sun's always rising
In the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told...

Let the new night bring you peace
And the promise of tomorrow,
Where we can wake to a new beginning.
Tomorrow I'll all but have lost their faces;
My friends and family,
Memories of all we had
And the times we should have lived,
And tomorrow America just might fall apart.
Tomorrow, tell me,
Where will you wake up?
Beyond title, beyond these careers and laws,
Something more than borders on a map...

And the sun's always rising in the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told...
To live through one night like this,
I would trade it for the silence...

Interests:150: 9 1/2 magee, a clockwork orange, a static lullaby, aaa bomber, against me!, alkaline trio, anold, at the drive in, authority zero, ballhair, beautiful mistake, betta splendens, bigwig, black and white photography, blue, bowling, bracelets, brand new, bright eyes, can i have this, carebears, catch 22, cheats, coheed and cambria, count the stars, crass, dancing, dashboard confessional, ddr, deathcab for cutie, die cheerleader die, digital cameras, dinosaur jr, dissenters, drawing my great pictures, dropkick murphys, emo, finch, friends, fuck off, get up kids, glassjaw, golden girls, good clean fun, gymnastics, hamilton st cafe, handsome, hanson, have you seen us, him, home depot, homegrown, hopesfall, horny and greedy, hot hot heat, inspector hector, irvington, italian gotees, jackets, journals, kisses, lavalette, leftover crack, lenoria jones, less than jake, lights, love, lucky boys confusion, luckys arcade, mad caddies, making out, meeting new people, memories, menlo mall, mighty mighty bosstones, mustard plug, my chemical romance, my computer, nofx, now and than, our favorite song, owned, partial credit, peeing, people from ma, phantom planet, phenomena cash money, pillows, pixie stix, poison the well, pool tables, pop tarts, random people, real sex, red, reel big fish, refused, ren and stimpy, riding walls, riley, river city rebels, rx bandits, saves the day, saxophone, seaside heights, senses fail, sex pistols, sgr, shows, shurpy, sick friday, silly moo, singing, six flags, ska, skateboarding, skittles, socks, spice girls, spiffy, stars, static radio, steven, stick figure suicide, story of the years, sublime, summer fucking romance, summer nights, sunglasses, swing dancing, swings, taking back sunday, the answer song, the blood brothers, the brave little toaster, the gazebo, the movielife, the now and forever, the outsiders, the specials, the toasters, the virgin suicides, the youth ahead, thursday, tom cruise, trampolines, walmart, whiton, whiton hills, world inferno friendship society
Friends:20: anti_daximus, brian5290, britishbassist, conorismyidol, darkfreak666, furferret, hazyxeyes, kickmedown, metallica7462, mikemo4888, moronikbass, mylastwishx, nevets, pimpdaddykane69, rainbowsock, redshoes7, saves_thenight, scarmyeyes, skankydoodle, xletterstoyou
Friend of:19: anti_daximus, brian5290, britishbassist, cerveza, conorismyidol, darkfreak666, dnakidxx, emohardcore, furferret, hazyxeyes, macrohack, metallica7462, nevets, pimpdaddykane69, quoteraven, rainbowsock, redshoes7, scarmyeyes, skankydoodle
Member of:4: alkalinextrio, coheed, jerseygirlsrock, tkingbacksunday
Account type:Early Adopter

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