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Below is user information for Sascha. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lyricalrhymer (251029)
Location:Wilton, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:alexkitten103 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey, I'm a normal kid like anyone else with some differences. I like anything in performing arts, and i love my friends. My family sucks because my parents divorced when I was younger, my dad's parents and sister died before I was born, and my nana (mom's mom) died 27 days after my 10th birthday in the 5th grade, my brother dealt drugs and was arrested the week before he was suppose to leave for college, my mom is having an affair with the father of a girl i babysit for, my dad married my old piano teacher from childhood, my sister is at school and i miss her, but hey thats life. Hopefully it'll all get better soon...
Interests:102: 50 cent, a chorus line, acting, aerosmith, animal house, annie, aretha franklin, audrey hepburn, baby blue, beaches, beatles, being stupid, billie holiday, blu sanders, boys, broadway, brooks brothers, buddy holly, camp, camp washington, cats, centerstage, chicago, chillin, christian music, clinique happy, clubbing, competition, daisys, dancing, dave brubeck, dispatch, dr. dre, eagles, eating, ella fitzgerald, eminem, etta james, fame, fats domino, finding nemo, fish, flashdance, footloose, fosse, freestyle, friendships, funk, gap, gospel, gossip, hairspray, hallie berry, hanson, hip-hop, hot pink, j. crew, jackson 5, james taylor, jazz, jewel, john coltrane, lime green, long emails, long walks, love letters, macaroni and cheese, mariah carey, matt nathanson, miles davis, modern, moonlight strolls, movies, nirvana, o.a.r., oldies, passport, pasta, photography, pretty in pink, r&b, ragtime, rap, rent, rock, rolling stones, roses, run dmc, sam cooke, singing, smokey robinson, some classical, some pop, sublime, the breakfast club, tiger lillies, tina turner, tlc, top gun, virginia beach, weezer, whitney houston
Friends:6: contradiction_, hollygolitly, mango_martini, misseli, rose21, xxreeniexx
Friend of:4: contradiction_, jennyg, mango_martini, rose21
Account type:Free User

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