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Below is user information for Rice Sharonie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:luvallmipetz (352527)
Name:Rice Sharonie
Bio: I am basically a happy-go-lucky person, I guess, but I lead a fairly boring life usually. I thought I should warn you about that. All of my friends are really important to me plus they're all so great. I have a few random hobbies but I am interested in trying a lot more things.
Interests:62: animals, art, babies, bands, blue eyes, care bears, cooking, dream analysis, dream catchers, driving, fire, flip flops, flowers, food, foreign places, french, going to concerts, going to the beach, harry potter, jazz music, ketchup not catsup, kids, kites, laughing, listening, lotr, marching band, mashed potatoes, maymont park, movies, music, my friends, neighborhood friendly, nice & funny people, old pictures, oragami, personalities, photography, playing trombone, pool, presents, punk music, puzzles, rainbows, random facts, reading, roller coasters, running, sight, ska music, sleeping, smiles, snow, soccer, swimming, talking, twister, ultimate frisbee, vacationing, wire jewerly, yer mom!, zoo
Friends:9: iamnotbecca, makefunofme, oandidomeano, sunshinecutie14, tacoted86, trknsokrqt12, untana, vit4life, warriormonkey
Friend of:14: genuinesmiles, iamnotbecca, inaheartbeat, jojo8712, oandidomeano, pinkrangrchik, sunshinecutie14, tacoted86, trknsokrqt12, twentyfivesporx, untana, uvametalmouth, vit4life, warriormonkey
Account type:Free User

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