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Below is user information for x.-[DirrTy]-.x. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lushiouzxlipz (141136)
Location:coral springs, Florida, United States
AOL IM:xxbadlilqtxx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:148: *pink*, 106&park, 2pac, aim, aol, baby blue, bacardi, baggy pants, basketball, bath and body works, baths, bein a bitch, body fantasies, bootii muzik, bubble baths, bubblegum, bubbles, candles, cell phones, chillen wit mah girls, christmas, cinnamon buns, clothes, clubbin, colorful things, cookies, cosmetics, cotton candy, cozy blankets, crimpy hair, cute stuff, dancin, dreams, dunkin donuts, earings, fireworks, flares, friday nights, furry things, fuzzy things, giggling, ginuwine, glitter, glowsticks, goofing off, gummy bears, guys, guys cologne, havin a blast, hearts, hoodies, hotties, hugz, ice cream, italian food, italianz, jacuzzi, justin timberlake, kisses, kittens, laughing, lightening, lipgloss, lolipops, lotion, love, loving my b/f, mad parties, make up, maqic, money, monkeys, monopoly, mountain dew, movies, music, my hair, necklaces, nice cars, niqqahz, online tests, pasta, perfume, pets, phone, pink roses, pink thonqs, pixii stix, pizza, poetry, pop rocks, popsicles, promises, puppiez, r&b, rain, rainbows, rap, rings, rose petals, roses, rotties, sarcasm, scooby doo, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, showers, silver things, singin, sledding, sleeping, slow jamz, smelly stuff, snow, soft lips, sparkles, starburts, stars, stickers, storms, straberry kiwi wine coolers, strawberry, stuffed animals, summer, sunsets, swimming, takin pix, talking, tanning, tatoos, teddy bears, teen magazines, thongs, thunder, thuqs, timbs, tongue rings, trends, vanilla, vanilla bean, victorias secret, watching tv, waterfalls, weekends, wet seal, wishes, worcester
Friends:8: c0mfy_numb, cherriiezz, delicii0uzz, ibabyxgurli, infamouzshawti, mesm0riize, sexual_pleasure, sweet_cherry
Friend of:8: c0mfy_numb, cherriiezz, delicii0uzz, ibabyxgurli, infamouzshawtii, mesm0riize, sexual_pleasure, summerlovinbabe
Account type:Early Adopter

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