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User:lucky_strax (705464)
Location:hialeah, Florida, United States
Bio:WELL, I'M FEELIN JUST A LITTLE BIT LONELY well, i`m Angela (Angie, Butterball, Animal, babe). i live in old hialeah, near miami. bah. i was born on June 3 which makes me a gemini. im not a typical gemini, though. im not 2 face .. rah. i`m about 5`2 and i think i`m done growing. i go to a public high school where i spin flags and hopefully rifle. i had an accident in nov-2000. it basically screwed all my school yea, & i might need surgery on my left arm, i dont think thats going to happen anytime soon. most of the people in school knows me as a tbredette but i could care less, so i stick close to the ones i love. i hate about 75% of the population of girls ; mainly because they just came from cuba mmk, im sorry if i came off as someone who cares. i have better things to do with my time than listen to them screaming in spanish

TELL ME SOMETHING THAT I DON'T KNOW as i said before, i`m 5`2. , but i`m just short compared to others. its almost irritating. i have medium /dark brown hair with some redish/orange highlighs. i 've always beeing a brunette. people are constantly telling me that i look like someone they know. bleh. i really dont care. my eyes are brown.. plain brown eyes lol. i love dressing up. my makeup will be just eye liner and some mascara; and sometimes some cooling eyeshadow, and sometimes blush. i've gotten my ears pierced 3 on my left ear and 2 on my right ear, and on my 18th b-day i got my tongue pierced :x

WHAT I SAY TO YOU TAKE WITH YOU TODAY things i love, or will talk about constantly: boys ; my babe chris; hot boy voices ; guard ; sex ; happy bunny ; jackass ; justin timberlake ; shoes ; cars ; traveling ; local bands ; poptarts ; driving ; Hummers ; mustangs ; john mayer ; boating ; pharrell ; old disney movies ; socks ; pj pants ; letters ; jude law ; colin farrell ; getting drunk; chocolate ; sleepovers ; christmas lights ; partying ; dancing ; pissing off my brother; being mean to teenyboppers ; happy bunny ; beer; haunted houses ; halloween ; pizza ; reeses peanut butter cups ; Big words like PENSIVE (lol) !!

NO ONE CAN SEE THESE SCARS now i save the best for last.. you THOUGHH i forgot about you? im currently dating a boy!! who rejected me a year ago and went out with my best friend... soo i got over it and went out with another BOY who treated me like a piece of chop liver ..soo he made a big scar in my heart. without expecting it i saw myself kissing one of my guy friends, i never thoughhh i will end up with him.. well yea it did crosss my mind because i really liked him, well i just want to tell you thank you for being part of my life, <3 (like really really)
Interests:93: abercombrie, allamericanrejects, american eagle, and more, boyfriends, boys, cars, cherries, chicken, chris, christmas, clothes, coffe, cold stone, condoms, cookies, corey hart, cuddling, cursing, dancing, dashboard confessional, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, digital cameras, down with love, drinking, evian, finch, football, football games, friday nights, friends, gizmo, guard, gum, hairstyle, hot punk boys, hugs, i love you's, icecream, jackass, jetski, journals, justintimberlake, kissing, lip gloss, lollipops, love, m&m's, marchingband, mascara, massages, mcdonalds, models, movies, mtv, music, pacsun, pep rallys, pictures, piercing, pink, pompoms, popsicle, prom, rooney, roxy, sandals, sex, simple plan, six pack, sleeping, smirnoff, starbucks, stars, sugarcult, summer, t-bredettes, tanlines, tanning, tattos, the ataris, the little rascals, the notebook, the strokes, the used, thrift stores, tongue rings, tossing, tubeing, valentines, whipped cream, working out
Friends:10: deviled_mutant, every1_luvs_zay, ladiipympcess24, lilkari007, once_up0nafreak, xxbeachbabe, xxspankyxx, xxtravisxx, xxusedxx, _yas_bitch_
Friend of:5: every1_luvs_zay, ladiipympcess24, once_up0nafreak, xxspankyxx, xxusedxx
Account type:Free User

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