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Below is user information for y0u are beAutiful. . .. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:luciouzdiva (33562)
Name:y0u are beAutiful. . .
Location:BeaconFalls, Connecticut, United States
Bio:name: erin
sexzs: babii doll
bdaii: macrh 31th *
lokashun: BeAcOn FaLlZ
statz: you are my EVERYTHING..xoxo

___you want to know about me just ask..its not that hard trust me i love people lol!

~*-SHE iS~ ;; i'm sweet ; cute ; crazy ; giggly ; happy ; loud ; obnoxious [ at times ] ; dorky ; wild ; crazy ; i'm party animal ; fun ; flirty ; tease ; boy crazy ; silly ; caring ; loving ; sad ; depresses -at times ; and just get to know me! lol xoxo

____*SHE LoVES!! being in REAL love ; dave ; pepsii ; lipgloss ; tattoos ; piercings ; music GUYZ*! ; bracelets ; being wanted ; rings ; clothes ; g`strings ; being called babydoll; candy ; friends ; shopping ; anything pink ; kissing ; strawberries ; eminem ; hugging ; cotton candy ; cussing ; cellphones ; love ; dance ; talkin ; and just ask!

`SHE HaTES~ being lied to ; periods ; cramps ; headaches ; getting up early ; fighting with my friends ; liars ; bitches ; spiders ; people who stare ; when I ask for something I want REALLY bad and then i don’t get it ; tummy aches ; backstabbers ; cryin ; the dark ;

emotiionz n feelingz. .
i'm VERY emotional.. sometimes more than others. i get upset alot when things dont go my way.well..i guess i'm opinionated ? caring ? careless for what people think of me ? do what i want ? very capable of being a bitch! I hold things inside that they just explode.. thats when i become depressed,cry,and the rest of what i am.. i try to be the greatest best friend possible, and if a friend ever needs me, i will always be there.. i keep secrets very well and stay to my word..

Interests:95: 8 mile, a walk to remember, abercrombie bagz, abercrombiie n fiitch, aeropostale, ameriican eagle, aol, ashanti, b2k, babiiez, beautiful, being a girl, being adored, being girly, being loved, being wanted, braceletz, bring it on, california, cameron diaz, care bears, cdz, christian aguilara, clothes, concerts, cuties, dancing, drinking, dvdz, eminem, express, eye shadow, eye-liner, flirting, florida, freddie prinze jr, friiendz, g-striinqz, giggling, good charlotte, hanging out, haviin funn, hello kitty, honest people, ja-rule, jagged edge, jessica simpson, jewlery, kelly osbourne, kirsten dunst, kissez, lip qloss, listenin to music, lollipops, makeup, mall, mandy moore, money, moviiez, my cell fone, nail polish, need any more?just ask..xoxo, nelly, non-backstabberz, partyin, pictures, pink, pop music, posters, profilez, purple, purses & handbags, rap, real world, road rulez, road tripz, rollercoasters, shopping, simple plan, singin, sleeping, sororiity qirls, sour patch kids, strawberris, summer, sweet talk, talking, talking on the fone, tank topz, tenniis, tv, van wilder, volleyball, wet seal, workiin out
Friends:15: adorable_jenn, di4mond_he4rtz, disturbed_psyco, eroticism, hawkster182, layouts_n_more, lilmissez, piinky_, preciouz_x0, sexi_babi, stars_shine, sweets143, utohitzdanie, xcraziishortix, xdisturbed89x
Friend of:7: adorable_jenn, di4mond_he4rtz, eroticism, linzeylou4yoo, stars_shine, sweets143, utohitzdanie
Account type:Early Adopter

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