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Below is user information for Vin Lucentai. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lucentai (115179)
Name:Vin Lucentai
Website:Ocean of Ephemos
Interests:150: 2d, action rpgs, antarctica, art, artificial islands, atma weapon, aurorae, battle clash, beef jerky, bioluminescence, birds, brave fencer musashi, bubble trouble, capcom, charlotte of wendel, cherry blossoms, chocolate milk, circle of the moon, colored pencils, compile, coral reefs, cordless technology, crayola, creativity, crystalis, crystals, daydreaming, derwent, dogstar, dolphins, drawing, dreamcast, dreams, elementals, elements, energy bolts, enya, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy legend, final fantasy tactics, final fight, fish, floating islands, forests, free time, game boy advance, gamefaqs, garfield, gatorade, gi joe, gilgamesh, guilty gear, hiroki kikuta, hiroo isono, icebergs, imagination, intelligent systems, internet privacy, kenji ito, kirby, kunio, lampflowers, landscapes, legend of mana, lemonade, macintosh computers, makai toushi saga, martial arts, mechanical pencils, mega man, mega man x, mehdi, metal combat, metallica, michael's, modesty, mononoke hime, moonlight, muds, munchies, music cds, mythology, nakoruru, nature, nekketsu, nes, new age, nintendo, non-carbonated drinks, nsfs, obscure games, oceans, openmindedness, overclocked remix, paint shop pro, panel de pon, pegasi, penguins, philosophy, phoenixes, plasma, plasma wisps, pochi and nya, popsicles, prang, prismacolor, puyo puyo, rainbows, randomness, rice-a-roni, river city ransom, rockman neo, rotating chairs, sea world, sega, seiken densetsu, seiken densetsu 3, shareware, sleep, snes, snickers, spcs, squaresoft, stabbing westward, stained glass, standing tanks, starburst hard candy, stuffed animals, super dodge ball, super jukebox, super puzzle fighter, super scope, technos, the number fifteen, thoughtfulness, tie dye t-shirts, translucence, twix, uniqueness, video game music, video games, watercolor pencils, waterfalls, web design, webcomics, wings, writing, wyland, yoko shimomura
Friends:1: terminaldogma
Account type:Early Adopter

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