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Below is user information for Mari Squishy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lovingyou2much (920733)
Name:Mari Squishy
Location:California, United States
Yahoo! ID:raidiantmari (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I like drawing, reading, and writing. I'm not very good at drawing or writing but hey it's something to do. Some people would call me emo yes, but i don't consider myself to be one. Just a very stupid girl with very stupid emotions. I really like going outside at night and just watching the clear starry skies above me and just dream of better days. During the day i'm just another retarded person who gave away her heart to easily. I don't know if i should try and fix my heart if it's already been broken more than once... I like to keep few close friends rather than many but not so close. All and all i'm just ordinary... okay not really i'm kinda okay really weird but some people learn to love me for it....
Interests:114: a perfect circle, abandoned buildings, afi, alice in chains, angels, art, astrology, athame, audioslave, auras, bands, being alone, blood, books, breaking benjamin, burning times, chevelle, chocolate, clairvoyance, concerts, creative writing, crossfade, darkness, dbf, deep thoughts, deftones, dream interpretation, dreams, dreamshift, eeriness, emo people, fingertight, flowers, france, free thinking, full moon, goddess, goddesses, hate, haunted, herbal magic, herbs, horror, hot guys, internal power, joe loeffler, knives, korn, laughing, linkin park, loud music, love-hate-tragedy-remorse, lunar, lyrics, magic, meditation, moon, murder, muse, music, mythology, nature, nightmares, nirvana, norva, papa roach, paranormal, past, past lives, past lives innertwine, pete loeffler, philosophy, poetry, priestess, prophetic dreams, psychology, reading, remorse, revenge, rob bourdon, sam loeffler, sarcasm, science fiction, scrying, seether, serial killers, sharp objects, singing, sleep, smile empty soul, snocore, souls, spells, spirit guides, spirit world, spirits, spirituality, staind, stars, stephen king, stories, strata, supernatural, telepathy, the goddess, the moon, the web, three days grace, torture, unexplained mysteries, unsolved murders, weird happenings, wicca, writing
Friends:2: 30secondstomars, freeflow
Friend of:1: blurtygirl66
Member of:1: freeflow
Account type:Free User

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