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User:lovestain (915797)
Website:my greatestjournal

love me like music
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i'll be your song

Interests:129: ae, arizona tea, art, badfinger, being barefoot, being healthy, billy squier, black and white photos, blush, boho, boston, brooke hogan, candles, color drip candles, cuddling, deadheads, deviant art, drawing, dresses, dried flowers, dylan, dylan the fish, emile hirsch, fashion, feminism, flats, flip flops, flowers, fraps, free, god, goldfish, grace under fire, grateful dead, grateful dead bears, green tea, groovy, happiness, harlea, health, hemp lotion, hogan knows best, hope floats, hot pants, i ♥ huckabees, incense, janis joplin, john mellencamp, joss stone, lace, laughing, lava lamps, lavender, led zeppelin, long hair, lynyrd skynyrd, manfred mann, messy hair, molly, molly ringwald, music, my boyfriend, oasis, oral sex, painting, panties, passionate kisses, pat benatar, peace, peace & love, peace signs, pearls, philosophy, phish, photographs, photography, piglet, plastic surgery, poetry, polka dots, queen, reading, ripped jeans, robert plant, rocket ships, rod stewart, roo, roseanne, rush, scented candles, sepia tones, sex, shades, showers, sketching, smiling, snuggling, starbucks, sweaters, taoism, taryn manning, that 70's show, the 70's house, the allman brothers, the beach boys, the beatles, the brady bunch, the donnas, the doobie brothers, the eagles, the facts of life, the golden girls, the grateful dead, the rolling stones, the shins, the tao of pooh, the te of piglet, the wallflowers, the wonder years, tie dye, tigger, topher grace, trees, urban outfitters, water, weezer, white heart, yes, zz top
Friends:1: l0real
Account type:Free User

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