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Below is information about the "Love Hurts" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lovehurts (133848)
Name:Love Hurts
Website:Maintainer's Blurty
About:Love hurts. Tell us about it. </3

Community created & maintained by placid

Mike's Other Communites
dreamlog, engrish, psp
Last Updated: Sunday, May 11, 2003
Interests:87: abuse, abusing, affair, affairs, anguish, apart, bigot, bigots, biphobia, biracial, bisexuality, boyfriend, boyfriends, break up, break ups, breaking up, breakup, breakups, broken heart, broken hearted, broken hearts, clique, cliques, couple, couples, crush, crushed, crushes, cry, crying, date, dates, dating, denial, depression, fairy tales, girlfriend, girlfriends, heal, healing, heart, help, helping, heterosexuality, homophobia, homosexuality, hook up, hooking up, hookingup, hookup, hope, hurt, interracial, interracial relationships, issues, lost, lost love, lost loves, love, love hurts, loving, lyrics, marriage, movies, music, pain, realization, realizations, relationship, relationships, romance, romancing, romeo & juliet, romeo and juliet, seperate, seperated, seperating, seperation, sighing, stereotype, stereotypes, tear, tears, teen anguish, tragedies, tragedy, weddings
Members:145: acid_candy_420, aimlesswonderin, aliceindream, and_so_i_cry, anothaheartache, ansonbiller, anupriya, babiixqirl, babitess, babygirljade, beautifulreject, beauty_failed, bedofnails, beelzebub, belmontslove, belowthesurface, bitter_tears, blazingheart99, blondecheerpunk, blue_wave, boredomreigns, bright___eyes, brokenheartox, broken_promise3, broken_x_wings, budaful9041, burning_mirrors, butteblondie, bymyself, c0nfus3d_bunni3, calefool, cheeky_gurl88, chicananerd, cowcrazy, crayolamarkers, crazybtchpsycho, crying_misery, damagedmelody, damask, dark_dream3r, deadaliverose, deadxiinside, dieromantic_x, disassembled, distortedmind, divid, dontforget_, doortomyworld, do_u_luv_me, duckandrun, el_elyon, emptyvision, fallin4you2hard, femalefrater, femmeforte, fireryrose, fires_dreams, girls_not_grey, h3art_br0k3n, heartbrokenbabi, hiii_on_life, hollywoods_fake, idlestar, ismellbad, judibooty, kaisara, katluvr620, kika, kill__yourself, l0ving_p0ntius, ladypimpette, livvylove, lordrokesh, lostmizipian, lostsoul754, lostwife, lushiouslushi, mikes, minorphlaw, myst3ry, n0_leaf_clover, nniikkkkii, novi, paranoidcasper, patticakes, paulie347, picturesinwords, pixxy_trixxy, placid, plastiic, prettyinpinkx, punkheartbreakr, purplemiasma, qlamour, rachel32, rarr, rena_is_me, rufusherbert, saruh, sats, sharpie_chic, shinodabaybee, silhouettexx, silibigili, sin_frm_my_lips, sk8rgrrl, softkisses21, softlybreathin, solosweetie, somethingvague3, something_more, stardust33, stefanie04, sweetlilbaybee, tanpopo, thursdaysenvy, tinkerbell5706, tragic_girl, ultraintense, unwant3d_love, vallerina, warpedthoughts, wigginz, x22, x4nt1xl0v3x, xacidxxtearsx, xbrokenxfairyx, xchocolate_chip, xcurliqtyx, xdarkerxlovex, xfalltopiecesx, xkrisscrossx, xlostkisses, xpainted0skies, xxevilxemoxx, xxstrangegrrlxx, zetetic, _bluedream_, _coogi, _d0rky_, _forbiddenlove_, _n0betterlove, _puta, _s3xified, __brokenboriqua
Watched by:48: acid_candy_420, aimlesswonderin, anothaheartache, beelzebub, belmontslove, belowthesurface, blazingheart99, brokenheartox, broken_promise3, captainsaboten, crayolamarkers, crazybtchpsycho, crying_misery, deadaliverose, diamondkim, dieromantic_x, distortedmind, divid, doortomyworld, femmeforte, hollywoods_fake, ismellbad, kill__yourself, ladypimpette, lostmizipian, lostwife, minorphlaw, paranoidcasper, picturesinwords, prettyinpinkx, punkheartbreakr, rufusherbert, shinodabaybee, silibigili, sk8rgrrl, solosweetie, stefanie04, tinkerbell5706, tragic_girl, xbrokenxfairyx, xcurliqtyx, xkrisscrossx, xlostkisses, xpainted0skies, yoursxtruly, _d0rky_, _puta, __brokenboriqua
Account type:Early Adopter

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