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User:loveee_ (975278)  
Name:its only me.
Bio:Im Jillian, and I can be the most easy to read person but at the same the most complicated. I am obsessed with lyrics. I love looking at a song and figuring it out. June 23 is my birthday... which makes 23 my lucky number. I dont know why but I tend to see the number EVERY WHERE. Especially after watching the movie "The Number 23". I see it EVERYWHERE. I Do not like to play sports. I love to watch them tho. I have this huge fear of just falling flat on my face which is why I dont like to wear High Heels to often. Im getting better at the Highheel ordeal tho. I just recently bought a bunch of new pairs. haha. I love my hole jeans. I have 3 pairs and I wear them like every day. They are my favorite. I love relationships, especially in the winter. Relationships interest me because... u have something new and every day your learning and figuring out about the person your seeing. I love cuddling when its cold out, I love movies in the winter time. I love the mountains. I have a shore house that I barely ever go to but its a favorite place of mine to go to when I just need to get away for a little bit. I go to florida at least once a year to my condo. I love it there ?. I met some really unique people down there. Im unique. Im weird, but you are too. I love to go out and have fun but yeah... im definitly still learning my limits. I love to have a good time, I love to Laugh. If u can make me laugh u can make me do anything. I love a guy that can make me laugh... its my weakness. I love a guy that smells good. I love when some one has trust in me. Its a really big deal for me. I hate when someone doesnt believe me or believe in me. Trust is a huge factor in relationships, and i believe its what makes the relationship work. I do not like to back track. I HATE LIARS! Lie to me once, ill forgive u but i do not forget it. Ashley Michael is my bestfriend and I would trust her with my life. Caito... shes another good girl :) i love her!!!!

I was never close with girls, I kinda hate girls...actually but I always have had a lot of guy friends. I grew up with a neighborhood filled with boys and I would not ever trade them for anything. I love music its my medicine. It can make or break my mood. Usually makes it. I love the beach. I love romance. I love a good cry. I love a great conversation. I love being comfortable. I love kissing.

and most of all... just when u think u know me... ill always prove u wrong.


Interests:138: abercrombie, acoustic music, adam brody, alcohal, alex, alicia keys, apple juice, art, ashley, autumn, bars, beaches, beautiful weather, beer, being happy, being in love, big lips, blow, boats, bob marley, boobies, books, bracelets, bubble baths, bulldogs, butterflies, california, candy, cars, celebrities, champaigne, channin tatum, chic fil a, chocolate covered cherries, common, concerts, coors lite, cosmopolitan, counting crows, dancing in the rain, degrassi, destinationless drives, dramas, ducks, erotica, eye liner, family guy, fashion, fireflies, fishing, flip flops, food, french fries, hawaii, hemp, hollywood, hoops, iced coffee, italy, jack johnson, jeans, jessica alba, jewelry, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, laughing, letters, lilys, lipstick, love, lyrics, magazines, make-up, michael buble, miller lite, movies, music, my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my nephew, nas, nature, nice smile, nice teeth, nintendo, now and then, oprah, pearls, pedicures, peircings, penis, philadelphia, picture phones, pictures, pink, pizza, pulp fiction, rachel ray, rain, rap, reading, reggae, relationships, restaurants, romance, sex, shoes, shopping, south street, starbucks, stars, sublime, summer, summer nights, sunshine, sweets, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tanning, text messages, that 70's show, the beatles, the breakfast club, the city, the format, the news, the used, tiffany & co, traveling, true romance, tyler hilton, water ice, weed, white zinfindale, wii, will smith, wine, writing
Friends:9: allicatt, carinoso, jessmolestme, loveee_, mumblebee, platonic_me, xskitzoxsaviorx, _alcoholic, _lovemex0
Friend of:1: loveee_
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