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Below is information about the "love hurts" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:love_hurts (8539)
Name:love hurts
About:Ever been broken hearted? Want to give others love life tips? Do you just want to chat about love? Well this is the place. Haven't we all been broken hearted some time in our lives. Tell of your experiences etc Everyones welcome, just don't be horrible to someone because of their beliefs, everyone is correct.
Interests:12: bi, bisexuality, broken hearted, gay, lesbian, love, love hurts, love life, pain, relationships, sex, sexuality
Members:96: abject_beauty, anaideia, angry_blond, anthy, bebii_gurl, beeenused, blackbox, blackthongz, bleedxxinnocent, bluebabe69, brightesteyes, brokenxstars, broken_hearted_, broken_trust, bunkfacerae, butterflybigirl, callisticdreams, charm_braclet, childlike, crazybtchpsycho, crazymazgirl, cutestuph87, daddydyke, dark_love, dasuki, dj_drie, dorkish_amy, euphoric_love, expressing, ezra3, faeries, fallfromgrace, flake_, fly_by_night, fuck_imsoemo, funkyrunt, guernica, himiko, hurt_inlove, idlestar, imeltwithyou, inyourarms, lachrymose, ladypimpette, lbell, lilsinsual, lil_blondie, little_lady, livvylove, loseyourself, loyra, luvsuxs88, maralin, morbidbeauty, myhiddenlife1, no_9, oewron, ooxme0w, outrageoushigh, partofme, piink_kyss, pillow__fight, pinkflipflops, pink_champagne, playdohgirl311, qlamour, ravenousmisery, rockon_, sarunia, saving_myself, scarredgothchic, seeinqstars, sexteen, shefallsapart, silentconfessor, squeenny, starrs, stephaknee, sweet_kisses, sweet_suduction, tenjou_utena, thinkpinkx, thunderlighteen, thursdaysenvy, twistidangel, vagina, wiished, x0iluvcorey0x, xbl0ndiibabiix, xcrazeex, xtc_skank, xxjustbreathexx, xxloserjennyxx, _teenager, _uberhip, __electrokittie
Watched by:47: abject_beauty, bebii_gurl, blackbox, bleedxxinnocent, brokenxstars, callisticdreams, childlike, condescend, crazybtchpsycho, crazymazgirl, cynical_dreamer, daddydyke, dj_drie, draqonezz, expressing, ezra3, faeries, fallfromgrace, funkyrunt, heartbrokenbabi, imeltwithyou, inyourarms, ladypimpette, lbell, little_lady, lovelywhenicry, myhiddenlife1, nevacominbac, notperfect_, oewron, ooxme0w, orangepeel, outrageoushigh, ravenousmisery, rockon_, sarunia, scarredgothchic, shefallsapart, silentconfessor, starrs, suicidalsk8r, thunderlighteen, twistidangel, witchhearts, xbl0ndiibabiix, xxjustbreathexx, __electrokittie
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