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Below is information about the "Lord of the Rings Fanfiction" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lotrfanfiction (268619)
Name:Lord of the Rings Fanfiction
Location:United States
About:This is a community for posting LOTR fanfiction. Please take note of the following rules:

1. Any type of fanfiction involving LOTR characters/actors is acceptable. This can include in-canon LOTR fics, non-canon LOTR fics, actor fics, fics about the actors in other movies/roles, etc.

2. Ratings on stories MUST be labeled either G, PG, PG-13, R - please, no NC-17 stories on this journal.

3. When you post a story, post the following summary and then post the rest of a story in LJ-cut form (this will save on space)

Disclaimer: This community does not know any of the actors involved with LOTR. We do not take ownership of any of the actors, of J.R.R. Tolkien's work, of anything that would conflict with legal standards. Basically, this is FICTION! NOT REAL.

~Rohan Lady
Interests:86: aragorn, arwen, ash wednesday, bag end, beta readers, billy boyd, billy boyd fanfiction, book of lost tales, boromir, celeborn, deep impact, dom monaghan, dominic monaghan, dwarves, elf, elf fanfiction, elijah wood, elijah wood fanfiction, elrond, elves, elvish, ents, entwives, eomer, eowyn, fanfic, fanfiction, faramir, fellowship of the ring, ffi, flipper, frodo, frodo baggins, gaffer, galadriel, gimli, gondor, hamfast gamgee, hobbiton, hobbits, ice storm, j.r.r. tolkien, jrr tolkien, legolas, legolas fanfiction, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lothlorien, lotr fanfiction, luthien, meriadoc brandybuck, merry, miranda otto, mithrandir, ned kelly, orlando bloom, orlando bloom fanfiction, orli bloom, orli fanfiction, orli fiction, peter jackson, pirates of the caribbean, plot bunnies, plot bunny, plot swapping, return of the king, ringwraiths, rivendell, rohan, sam gamgee, samwise, samwise gamgee, shadowfax, silmarillion, sindarin, steward of gondor, strider, the nine, the one ring, the silmarils, the two towers, theoden, tolkien, treebeard, unfinished tales, writing
Members:22: 2_hot_2_die22, adrianaslyth, ann_tuscany, babij23, bagendbabe, cagedheart, celebornslorien, chaos_theory, crysalis, elvenprincess, glass_polaroid, jenny_juju_bug, kissmemoon, lady_rhi, loitered, lyndsie3542, magicannon, mbaggins, odogoddess, pj_took, sighsofeowyn, skybyrde2002
Watched by:21: 2_hot_2_die22, adrianaslyth, ann_tuscany, babij23, bagendbabe, beanscass, celebornslorien, crysalis, elvenprincess, glass_polaroid, invy, joy_the_poet, kissmemoon, loitered, luvtink21, lyndsie3542, mbaggins, pj_took, sighsofeowyn, skybyrde2002, _brokendoll
Account type:Free User

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