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Below is user information for A Disappearing Act. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lostinyoureyes (31599)  
Name:A Disappearing Act
Location:Alberta, Canada
Bio:blurty. i don't use this thing as often as i'd probably like to. you can find me over at livejournal for the most part. but first you'll have to figure out my username over there. or just ask.

badly drawn girl. livs. twenty. second year in college. obsessed with hockey and other sports. adores her friends. loves watching movies. likes to read. music is her life.

friends only or public? a little bit of both.

moderated. hockey; if you're a hockey fan, please feel free to join. :)

volunteer. userpics; currently on hiatus due to real life obligations keeping me busy and whatnot. i am not taking any requests. thanks.

claims. to see what i have claimed, go here.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:127: a walk to remember, about a boy, absolutely fabulous, accents, amazing race, american eagle outfitters, amélie, arts, basketball, bbmak, beanie babies, blinkies, blue, bridget jones's diary, british comedy, british literature, bubble tea, canada, candy, cappuccino, chl, chocolate, clothes, clubbing, colin firth, concerts, coupling, dancing, daydreaming, default, drawing, dreams, edmonton oilers, emma, europe, ewan mcgregor, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., fan fiction, fiction, friends, graphics design, guys, hockey, homestar runner, ice hockey, icons, ioan gruffudd, jamie oliver, jane austen, jason guy, jason mraz, jeremy northam, john mayer, jude law, katie holmes, lance bass, laughing, legally blonde, lipgloss, literature, live theatre, livejournal, making icons, mandy moore, maroon 5, matchbox 20, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movie soundtracks, movies, mtv, much music, music, my best friends wedding, national lacrosse league, nhl, nhl hockey, notting hill, nsync, oilers, orange julius, ottawa senators, our lady peace, paul walker, pink, pochacco, pride and prejudice, puddle of mudd, r&b, reading, reese witherspoon, remember the titans, renee zellweger, rollerblading, romance, ryan gosling, sanrio, sean maguire, shane west, shopping, skittles, sleep, smiling, smirnoff ice, soccer, something corporate, sports, stargazing, stories, sum41, switchfoot, team canada, tigger, toronto raptors, trading spaces, unsent letters, van morrison, watching the stars, web design, weezer, white oleander, whl, winnie the pooh, working out, writing, ,
Friends:21: acutepunk, blushingjuliet, cdnhockeyfan, charlatan, cherylwoo, dbzkeri, dontloveme, ewanish, hockey, inlovewithyou, ixoraillusions, i_luv_cec_rok, jlm1779, messiahsublime, mystupidmouth, news, noodler29, rubber_soul, theohsozennish1, userpics, _muse
Friend of:14: charlatan, cherylwoo, dontloveme, henke81, inlovewithyou, ixoraillusions, jlm1779, messiahsublime, nikeh, rubber_soul, sillychick04, theohsozennish1, wakeoutloud, whyilaugh
Member of:11: claimaplayer, claimursinger, claim_a_band, claim_me, ewanish, flick_claims, hockey, mystupidmouth, over18, rockstar_claims, userpics
Account type:Early Adopter

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