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Below is information about the "Where are your skeletons?" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lost_truths (555445)
Name:Where are your skeletons?

This is the community of Lost Truths. I am your host The Urban Fairy and I will be the one asking the questions daily. You may find some of them very easy to answer, some may take quite a bit of consideration before you can make a post. You dont have to answer every question and you can come back whenever you want to post the answer. There are a few simple rules though so things can continue to run smoothly:

1. Make sure you copy and paste the question you are answering at the top of your post so as not to confuse the other readers.

2. Please refraining from giving one word answers, take some time to think the question over, give a bit of description, expand your mind.

3. Try to keep an eye on your grammar. They dont have to be perfect but try to steer clear of typing IN ALL CAPS, typing LiKe tHiS, or refraining from using capitilization and punctuation.

4. Curse if you feel the need, flame if you feel the need, climb up on your soap box and state your opinion no matter how bad or good. Just keep in mind... if you cant take it, dont dish it, because I will not stop soming from posting degrating comments to you if you yourself feel the need to badmouth others. Just try and keep it curteous if you can manage.

5. If you have a question you would like to see posted on a following day, please post it as a comment on the daily question post and I will keep it in consideration.

Thanks and Have fun!
Interests:17: answers, communities, dreams, entertainment, honesty, intellegence, jokes, lies, memories, myths, pain, questions, quizzes, sex, surveys, truth, truth or dare
Members:23: ashre, deratherisch1, dragonpink, especially4you, eternalfire, faded_blackstar, gothicbunny, lovekills, lushglamourette, maryzap, mentalchaos, metal_queen, opaquementality, pink_fairy, punkstrutkid, redwolf, sexylocustygood, silvrique, sj, the_urban_fairy, vertigoslip, vert_et_argent, viciouslypink
Watched by:11: ashre, deratherisch1, dragonpink, eternalfire, gothicbunny, hiddentruth, redwolf, sexylocustygood, silvrique, sj, viciouslypink
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