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User:losexyourself (16164)
Name:..boys will be boys..
Location:lakeside, California, United States
AOL IM:xpurplewormyx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:hey...i enjoy listening to music alot... thats all you shall need to know...
Interests:138: afi, alkaline trio, allister, angels, animals, art, bad religion, basketball, being alone, being happy, being loved, being outside, being told im pretty, black, black hair, blink 182, box car racer, boyfriends, bracelets, brand new, bright eyes, cd's, cheese, chocolate, chris carrabba, clothes, coheed and cambria, computer, converse, cuddling, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, dickies, die trying, doing what you want, dorks, drums, earth, emo, emo kids, emotions, eyeliner, fairies, fall out boy, finch, friends, gilmore girls, glitter, green day, greenday, guitars, gum, gummy worms, guys in tight pants, guys who wear make-up, holidays, hoodies, hot topic, hugs, ice cream, jack off jill, jimmy eat world, joan of arcadia, journals, kisses, laughing till it hurts, less than jake, listening to music, losers, love, lucky 7, lust, lyrics, mac n cheese, mall, memories, moo, mountain dew code red, mountain dew livewire, movies, music, naps, nerds, new found glory, nik, nofx, one tree hill, pants, phone, pictures, piercings, pins, punk, rancid, random, red lipstick, rocky horror picture show, romeo + juliet, rufio, saves the day, shaggy hair, shoes, ska, sleeping, slow dancing, smiles, snow, soccer, something corporate, songs, sprite, sprite remix, stars, strawberry shortcake, sublime, sunsets, surfing, taking back sunday, tattoos, tears, the ataris, the juliana theory, the used, thinking, thursday, tight jeans, toe socks, traveling, tv, under shirts, veganism, vegans, vegitarianism, vegitarians, weirdness, winter, words, yellowcard
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:15: big_c, duchess, evil_piggies, h0peless, lil_c, mikieluvzu, phillyswirl, pink_paradise, susieq, teeny6947, willuthinkofme, xrockstarkidx, xtamedxlovex, xxcrazedxmindxx, _islands
Account type:Early Adopter

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