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Below is user information for I live to dream I hate to live "J". If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lonedreamer (506687)
Name:I live to dream I hate to live "J"
Bio:with each passing breath
theres a moment of relief
this wasn't my last
and i clinch my teeth
part of me is afraid
shaking from the tears
the other is welcoming death
oblivious to all fears
whats keeping me alive
what's holding me back
why can't i escape
theres a reason i lack
tears stain my swelling heart
and it triggers something inside
when was the last time i was like this
when was the last time i cried
it hadn't been from fear
or from pain trapped inside
but from the love i have for you
and the comfort you provide

Defenition of great describing my perfect girl:

Sense of humor

Hair: anything but bright blonde

body ( shorter than me)

Sense of humor-I know its up here twice

Smile (If I'm going to make em laugh I want to be rewarded)

fair amount of fun sarcasm

Artisticly beautiful from my view

and last but defenitly not least probably the MOST IMPORTANT:::

Running speed
Interests:17: afi, fata, food, linkin park, linkinpark, listening, listening to people, metallica, ninja turtles, not immature people, power rangers, snackin, staind, thursday, tv, watching soccer, women
Friends:2: a_dead_rose, heykara
Friend of:1: a_dead_rose
Account type:Free User

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