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Below is user information for Liz. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:londoncalling (99116)
Location:mount laurel, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:breakingthegirl9 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i like-

playing video games
when it rains
the beach
math club
thrift stores
good movies (white oleandar, the good girl, etc.)
walks at night
harry potter
root beer
chinese food
roller coasters
comedy central & cartoons
steve & some of my friends
watching hockey
dinosaur coloring books
sci fi/fantasy novels
Interests:132: !!!, 311, acdc, afi, appleseed cast, aquabats, at the drive in, atticus, bad religion, beatles, beck, belle and sebastian, ben folds five, ben harper, ben kweller, beth orton, black rebel motorcycle club, blind melon, bob dylan, bob marley, braid, brand new, brandtson, bright eyes, cap'n jazz, catch 22, children of bodom, coheed and cambria, cursive, death cab for cutie, def leppard, desaparecidos, duran duran, eels, elvis costello, flaming lips, foo fighters, frank sinatra, gary jules, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, green day, hanson, hey mercedes, hot hot heat, ignite, incubus, interpol, iron maiden, jack johnson, james brown, janes addiction, jeff buckley, jesus lizard, jets to brazil, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, john mayer, kinks, led zeppelin, lemonheads, lynard skynard, maroon 5, mighty mighty bosstones, misfits, modest mouse, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, nada surf, nirvana, oar, oasis, offspring, operation ivy, phish, pietasters, pink floyd, queen, radiohead, ramones, recess theory, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, remember maine, saves the day, silver chair, small brown bike, smashing pumpkins, snoop dog, something corporate, sorry about dresden, steve miller band, sublime, suicide machines, texas is the reason, the anniversary, the beautiful mistake, the cardigans, the clash, the cure, the doors, the early november, the get up kids, the good life, the hives, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the postal service, the promise ring, the righteous brothers, the rocket summer, the rolling stones, the slackers, the smiths, the specials, the strokes, the transplants, the vandals, the verve, the vines, the who, third eye blind, thursday, tiger army, tokyo rose, tsunami bomb, u2, ultimate fakebook, van morrison, velvet underground, weezer, yes
Friends:59: adrift_boy, amberxdream, aneedtofeel, artclass, ashuhleey, bah_humbug, beiro, blackcandy, callmesam, catguncatgun, celluloid_dream, cosbluvsthekids, dancehall_hips, dangerouslyrics, drowning_away, dumbstricken, emolyrics, emo_is_good, eyes_to_the_sky, heinekendd, helter_skelter, hot_emo_people, hushush, idlethoughts, insideoutboy, jessika127, jilliebean343, jim_fear, johnnydangerous, jordan_assault, larry138, lil_fuzzy, lil_masino, marejaney, masspike, mike_hrycenko, mindlesseclipse, movie_dorks, nocturnalmorte, outoftune, radiostar, rexxie, richimus, sevenatenine, share_your_pics, ska_alex, snypers55, staple_midget, steve_of_narnia, styrofoamboots, suburban_blight, thelink7, thepumpkinqueen, thevelcrohero, the_3nd, the_dare_comm, the_misfits, zoloftrevo, __vinylrecord
Friend of:39: adrift_boy, amberxdream, aneedtofeel, ashuhleey, blackcandy, blueelf, callmesam, catguncatgun, celluloid_dream, dancehall_hips, devinesurf, drowning_away, dumbstricken, emo_is_good, eyes_to_the_sky, heinekendd, helter_skelter, hushush, idlethoughts, jim_fear, johnnydangerous, lil_fuzzy, lil_masino, marejaney, masspike, mike_hrycenko, outoftune, radiostar, richimus, sevenatenine, she_savestheday, snypers55, staple_midget, steve_of_narnia, sulk, thepumpkinqueen, thevelcrohero, the_3nd, __vinylrecord
Member of:6: artclass, dangerouslyrics, emolyrics, movie_dorks, share_your_pics, the_dare_comm
Account type:Early Adopter

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