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Below is user information for Temperamental Wild Child. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lollipopgoddess (490039)
Name:Temperamental Wild Child
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States
Bio:I'm Bianca. I am better than you.
I'll be attending college in the fall, majoring in English/Journalism.
I'm 5`6-black hair-light blue eyes.
Umm, I hate being called a girly- girl, just like I hate being called a stuck up bitch; but I am what I am, and I respect people who call em' like they see em'. So don't be afraid to tell me what you think. It's not like your opinion matters anyway.
I like..LOVE girls. The first thing I notice are the eyes and the mouth.
Then hopefully they have good head.
Oops, I mean brain.
Fruedian slip.

Fuck Me Running,
Bianca THEunderAchiever
Interests:68: bcbg, bendi-straws, black and white photos, but petting the sweaty, carbonated beverages, cheerleading = greatness, chocolate, cocaine, coldplay, completely shaved, confusion with a k, cuddling with pillows, cunnilingus, cynicism, d&g, dead like me, depressing songs, diesel, evan rachel wood, fashion week, flip flops, free food, french manicures, girls, girlydykes, jimi hendrix, kiehls products, kisses on the clavicle, kurt kobain, lesbian sex, lipgloss, little women, long decembers, long walks with strangers, memento, mischa barton, mouth, music, my broken alarm clock, my cd collection, my clit ring, my girlfriend, nietzsche, nirvana, not sweating the petty, oxycontin, paris hilton, pharcyde, phish food, phreaky girls, picture frames are overrated, pink items, poetic tragedies, pretty girls, prozac nation, ralph lauren, rchp, shoes, short skirts, spiral notebooks, strawberry gashes, suicide, the lovely bones, vanilla sented products, vanity, von dutch, w magazine, writing
Friends:3: girltouching, glitter_kiss, kissing_girls
Member of:1: girltouching
Account type:Free User

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