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User:lolidoll (574871)
Name:Im a baby.
Bio:Konnichiwa dollies!

Im Jilly and Im 20 years old. Im a lil lolita! Im constantly traveling around right now so I cant really say where I am. Somedays its JAPAN other days Im in Florida.. or Texas... I dont know where I'll be next! I want to settle down soon and go to school where I plan to major in Japanese or Asian Studies... maybe even study fashion and creative writing. Who knows? I collect kawaii things like hello kitty and anime anything. Im addicted to pocky. I hope you enjoy my funny little life because it certainly is that.
Now enter my world of fantasy and dreams... along with a healthy dose of reality at times.
Stars, hearts and other happy things...
This is my life...
Interests:103: accents, acting, airplanes, airports, anime, asia, asian film, ayumi hamasaki, baby, baby spice, babydolls, ballet, barbie, barettes, beijing, bows, britney, brothels, bubbles, candy, carebears, cartoons, china, china dolls, chocolate milk, cosplay, costumes, country lolita, dancing, daydreaming, disney, dolls, dominique swain, fairy tales, fashion, flipflops, fruits, geisha, girly dresses, glitter, harajuku, hello kitty, ho chi minh city, hong kong, hostess, japan, japanese, japanese men, journals, jpop, jrock, kawaii, kimonos, kinderwhore, knee highs, korean anime, lacey chabert, leotards, lil chobits, lipgloss, little kids, lolita, mermaids, milkmaids, old asian men, otaku, panda bears., penpals, pigtails, pink, plushies, pocky, powerpuff girls, rainy days, reading, sailor moon, sake, samurai, sanrio, scandinavia, schoolgirls, seoul, sexy stories, shibuyu, shinjuku, shopping, socks, string cheese, sweden, swedish, sweets, tart, tatu, teachers, tights, tokyo, traditional lolita, traveling, vietnam, vikings, writing, yakuza, yokohama
Friends:7: anime, egl, eroticstories, hello_kitty_fan, japanese, kimono, nymphets
Friend of:1: wawa109
Member of:6: anime, egl, eroticstories, hello_kitty_fan, japanese, nymphets
Account type:Free User

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