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Below is user information for Sex Me so GOod i say blah blah blah. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:loki999 (520250)
Name:Sex Me so GOod i say blah blah blah
AOL IM:BEDofRoses1124 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: Young Ed Bloom:
There are some fish that can't be caught. It's not that they're bigger or faster then the other fish, they're just touched by something extra.

- Big Fish
Interests:148: 24, 80s, acting, alice in wonderland, anti-bush efforts, anti-war, aol radio, applebee's, bam margera, baths, being yourself, big fish, biting people, blondie, boots, bows, breakfast club, breathing, brightly colored objects, bubbles, bucket hats (kaylis), cake, canadians, cartoons, cheese, chicken, chicken strips, chocolate, cinnamon, clothes, coloring, comedy sportz games, cookies, cooking, crayons, dancing, dated movies, degrassi, discouraging people, documentaries, dogs, donnie darko, driving, dying my hair, earrings, eduardo (my penguin), flashing things, flock of seagulls, food, football, frappicinos, french fries, french toast, frosting, german (in general), guitar solos, hawaii, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, jewlery, joey, john hughes flicks, johnny depp, kfc, kissing, kitties, laughing, led zepplin, licking things, loki!!!!!!!!!, lord genesha, love, make up, making awkward noises, making fun of emo, making out, markers, mashed potatoes, matrix, milky ways, mindless self indulgence, molly ringwald, mormons, movies, music, my bass, my car, my cellular unit, my friends, my little ponies, ninja turtles, no doubt, oklahoma, oldies, omelettes, orlando bloom, other assorted bands, ou, pajamas, parks, pasta, pasta roni, pastries, pepsi, pepsi cake, phones, picnics, pictures, pillows, pink, pink floyd, pirates, poke at things, polka-dots, popsicles, power rangers, prancing, pretty in pink, protests, pushing buttons, reading, red, riddles, rings, ringtones, rollercoasters, roses, shiny things, sixteen candles, skirts, slides, smelling things, sneakers, sneezing, spring break, squeezing things, stuffing, swimming, swings, techno music, toast, tom petty, toods, turkey, tv dinners, video games, water
Friends:7: basketcase7700, capnawesome, danimals_boy, nutcase8, salmonskin, single_candle, tomorrowistoday
Friend of:2: basketcase7700, danimals_boy
Account type:Free User

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