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Below is user information for star streaker. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:liziefer (755351)
Name:star streaker
Website:The Faceparty Thing
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:i'll breathe in when i meet you and hope you don't break my heart

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Interests:134: 50's, adrian, amy, angels, apples, art, art & photography galleries, badges, bags, beauty, being held, being silly, being someone else, bettie page, big heels, black and white, books, bookshops, bras, broken alarm clocks, candles, checks, cheese, cheesy music, cherries, chinese food, clouds, coffee shops, cotton candy, daisies, dancing, doodling, drawing, eve, eyeliner, eyes, faerie lights, faeries, fallen angels, feeling, ferris wheels, fi, flowers, friends, gems, ghostbusters theme tune, giles, glitter, hair dye, happy thoughts, hearts that beat, hen, holding hands, hot coffee, hugging, hugs, ice, jellybeans, journals, juice, junk food, kisses, knickers, kung pow, late night phone calls, laughing till you cry, lauren, lemon jelly, lemonade and miduri, little miss sunshine, love, making mix cd's, making things, marilyn monroe, missing people, mittens, movies, music, norah jones, passion, penguins, photography, pictures of my friends, piercings, piglet, pink, pink and black, pink converse trainers, plaites, poetry, polka dots, praw, pretty things, psychology, punk, quotes, rain, rainbows, reading, reading festival, retro furniture, safety pins, santa, sex and the city, shoes, shooting stars, silence, sleep, slogans, smiling, snow, snowmen, sophie, sparkly things, stars, stripes, stuff, sunrises, sunsets, suspenders, sweatbands, sweet tea, talking, tattoos, the beach, thinking too much, thumb rings, tiaras, travel, truth, twilight, underwear, white chocolate hot chocolate, writing
Friends:10: armatross, bearhugs_rock, brokensapphire, chocolatebunny, if_i_could, lepermessiah, letsgetfucked__, revile, sophiemartyn, the_muffin_ho
Friend of:8: armatross, brokensapphire, geminischizo, if_i_could, letsgetfucked__, revile, sophiemartyn, the_muffin_ho
Account type:Free User

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