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Below is user information for o0o0o0o0o Chibi Chibi Chibi o0o0o0o0o. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:livvylove (71214)
Name:o0o0o0o0o Chibi Chibi Chibi o0o0o0o0o
Website:The SMG Collective
Location:Augusta, Georgia, United States
AOL IM:duck says moo (Add Buddy, Send Message)


So you think you would want to add me as a friend REALLY!!! ok so Let me tell you a little something about me before you decide that. Im 21 years old but really dont act it. But how do you act your age anyways right. who defines that. Im a computer programming major so you will read rants about programs not compileing or incorrect output. And Im in love with the greatest guy, So you will read love letters to him, what we did on the weekends, and random things directed to him. Still interested. Well I write random quotes that i come up with and talk about playing DDR, I will talk about anime and mangas and basicly anything that interest me. Sometimes i write political comments (IE bush is an ape, RIAA sucks but more detailed sometimes). Also sluts suck. So if you have somewhat similar interest or think that you would enjoy reading my post and vise versa then add me ALSO comment telling me your adding me or else I wont know you added me because that list down there is just clutter to me and im not going to spend time figureing out who added me or what not. Right wing pro bush christian fundamentalist need not apply.

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Memories:6 entries
Interests:120: , adam, adobe photoshop, all my children, american idol, anime, anxiety, baseball, beautiful, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, blue, body image, braceface, card captor sakura, chi, chii, chobits, clamp, clothes, conan o' brien, cowboy bebop, cowboy beebop, cows, dance dance revolution, dark chii, dbz, ddr, derek jeter, disney, dolls, dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragonball, dragonballz, earshot, evangelion, everybody loves raymond, excel saga, exercise, faith, fan art, fanart, foo fighters, general hospital, glitter, goten, hamtaro, happy, heart, hello kitty, hoobastank, horoscopes, html, i ♥ adam, image editing, innocence, intimacy, kaolla su, keitaro, kenshin himura, kitsune, lost loves, love, love hina, matchbox 20, modeling, moon, motoko, naru narusegawa, neon genesis: evangelion, palace, passion, perfection, pochacco, pok??mon, pokemon, powerpuff girls, pro-choice, promise ring, pureness, purple, ren and stimpy, romanticism, romeo and juliet, ruben studdard, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, saliva, sanrio, shakira, shinobu, shinta, sketchers, skinny, smallville, soul mates, star wars, stars, straight edge, strawberries, system of a down, tama tama, techno, tenchi muyo, tennis, thalia, the palace, tom welling, true love, trunks, trunks and goten, unicorns, vin diesel, virginity, walmart, warmth, website design, xxx, yankees,
Friends:13: annajames, food_diary, killbox, kittenzgrowltoo, livvylove, luvmeh8menow, marajade, raven_of_light, skinnydiet, tenderbrown87, tomahawkchunker, walmartsucks, wldflwr
Friend of:44: abstract__, aisling, aja, ak, annajames, bookchick, borderlineschiz, downassmija, eddiez_ladii, food_diary, goddessxofxfire, hellangel, iamkillerblouse, icey_o4, illustri0uz, jazzyfuck, kawaiidreamer14, kikyousama, killbox, liesfromangels, livvylove, luvmeh8menow, luzexotico, marajade, munashiimeisei, preciseone, pseudogothprncs, raven_of_light, romeoandjuliet, sarintangarine, signature, silverdale, skinnydiet, symone_olivian, symone_olivian2, tcrile, tenderbrown87, tezuka_shinobu, tomahawkchunker, wldflwr, xmfasisx, xrawkmehw0rld, xwilted_rosex, yoursinsintome
Member of:60: addmedamnit, add_me_18plus, american__idol, anime, animeaddme, animeicons, beauty_tips, become_hopeless, bipolars, boyfriends, challenge_god, clamp_obsession, comment_whore, communityads, communitypromo, community_ads, confession, cunt_conscious, ddr, ddrfreaks, fashion_daily, friendz, hello_kitty_fan, html_help, icons, iheartchii, imperfectlythin, internetwhores, invite_codes, kissedbyastar, lets_be_vain, lovehurts, love_hurts, makeupwhores, modele, newfriends, nonuglies, notuglies, over18, proana, progress_ana, proudtobesxe, rants, raving_rants, samurai_x, sanrioicons, sex0r, shareyourdreams, shatteredstars, stickysituation, stopthepain, the_romantic, thinspiration, walmartsucks, wanna_be_friend, weddingbells, xedgextilxdeath, _americanidol, _blurtybuddies, _icon_addiction
Account type:Early Adopter

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