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Below is user information for Mψ♥Tεαяş. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:livingisdying (424804)
Location:Burbank, Illinois, United States


No one can see anything on the other side of me.
I walk, I crawl, losing everything and waiting for a downfall ..

In a mirror of you, reflections of you, you're showing what you feel like inside, need the power of two, just me and you. An image that you hold in your mind. Sometimes you're wrong and then sometimes you're right. You don't expect me to put up a fight. I'm sick and tired of all of your lies. I'm sick and tired and I'm saying GOODBYE!

I like to live alone, but it's crowded inside sometimes. Look right into a lover's eye. I thought I could fly. But that has been done before. I'm feeling empty. empty inside. A life I never knew, a room without a view. My life begins in you. My life, it ends in you. It's like I never never never never NEVER been here before. Like to be left alone forever in time. Loved right, lived wrong. In another life I thought I could fly but that has been done before. I'm feeling hopeless. hopeless inside. A life I never knew, a room without a view. My life it ends in you, My life begins in you..

my pet!
Interests:46: aim, aminals, animation, aol, bible, boys, candles, cars, cheese, chocolate, christians, church, elephants, flatfoot 56, fonts, food(and lots of it), funeral for a friend, gifs, graphics, halo, hoodies, ice cream, inscense, internet, junk food, laptops, long hair(drool), monkies, mosh pits, music, noodles, oi punk, old monte carlos, penguins, pizza puffs, quizilla quizes, race cars, sleep, soup, taking back sunday, tea, ulead gif animator, working on certain things, xanga, yellow dice, zingers.
Friends:10: 050704, brandnewkidsxe, deathisavirtue, gonnaflynow4, gypsysickheart, ladynova, pizzarollkingcj, theuprisal, xxwwjdxx, yurfavoritescar
Friend of:7: 050704, brandnewkidsxe, gypsysickheart, ladynova, pizzarollkingcj, theuprisal, yurfavoritescar
Account type:Free User

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