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User:linzeylou4yoo (90340)
AOL IM:PlaYBoY GirL 124 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

AbOuT Me

Hey ..youve reached The Bio of Me .. and ive got one thing to say .. if you dont like the way i am-act-talk-look-or whatever, I suggest you click the [X] at the top right of your screen :D Okay. My name is Lindsey Nicole Thompson.. im 13 .. heaven sent <3 .7.16.89. <3 .. i have alot of nicknames from my good ol` friends i love so much .. linz; lindsey lou;lindz; keke;cookie; and MORE .. moving along ... i have reddish-blondish hair .. i have hazel eyes..pretty short 5'1" .. and thas pretty much the basics<33

-- MuH PeRsOnAiLtY--

I would like to say im really confident, but im not :-/ I seem to pretty good w. my grl friends..its juss when im like talking to a guy im really really shy. But im a cheerleader so im pretty outgoing! 5 Words to sum me up: friendly, loud, hyper, fun, n outgoing.

<33 LiNdZ's FaVoRiTe PeOpLe <33

I have a lot of friends..and a lot of them grls..but these ones know almost everything..some more than others..but they are: Brooke Chamberlain.Megan Hanrahan.Keenan Corrigan. and Blair Panlilio. <33 Madd love goes out 2 them for all theyve done for me:)

Interests:16: aim, american idol, and more 2 come!, animals, aol, bachelor, beach, cheering, dawsons creek, friends, having fun, icons, partying, snow, summer, websites
Friends:30: amandee, baybeedawlie, cherry_kishez, downloadable, hidden_tearz, html_icons_plus, ic0nified, irrezistiible, justagirlxo, krysx33, lay_me_out, love_notes, luciouzdiva, lxlbrittneelxl, mizz_anqie, oxmunecaxo, pinkaliciouz21, pretti_pebblez, r0sepetals, rarr, roxygrlx3, shugary_sweet, silent_, sweetheartxx, xohsosweetx, xoxblindxox, xtasty, xxjustmexx, _icons__html_, __shortness
Friend of:14: baybeedawlie, curlycue, d1rtybl0nde, flippers, hidden_tearz, ic0nified, irrezistiible, justagirlxo, lxlbrittneelxl, meggiebaby, xohsosweetx, xoxblindxox, xoxopinkiexoxo, xtasty
Member of:3: downloadable, html_icons_plus, lay_me_out
Account type:Early Adopter

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