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User:lindamarie (65950)
Location:Sacramento, California, United States
AOL IM:iopanavatar (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I am:
Pansexual, polyamorist, pagan, pantheist, Pan devotee, freelance oracle, philosophical anarchist, Greek revivalist, web design hobbyist, Libertarian, anti-war, ASFAR member, anti-ageist, pro-choice, constitutional rights supporter, member of an FFM triad, changing my real name to Damon Salvatore, icon & wallpaper designer, someday soon resident of New Orleans, conscious-decision high school drop-out, slash/gen/het fanfic writer/reader for various fandoms, including but not limited to BtVS, Angel, L. J. Smith, Smallville, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jane Austen, and L. Frank Baum.

I am not:
What you want me to be.

I run:
lm: a livejournal that looks exactly like this journal, except I'm talking about different things. Will probably eentually all be relocated to here.

I want:
This stuff.

I plan: to take over the world.
Interests:150: anarchism, androgyny, angel, anthony stewart head, anthropology, art, avatars, bisexuality, bisexuals, bluegrass, boobs, brazil, breasts, britney spears, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bush, chaos, christopher pike, chronicles of narnia, connor, cooking, dancing, danny elfman, dar williams, dark visions, david bowie, deviantism, dionysos, dogma, drag kings, drag queens, drop-outs, dvds, dykes, egocentricism, erotica, fairuza balk, fandom wank, fandom_wank, fanfiction, feminism, fiction, figure skaters, fiona apple, firefly, flamewars, food, gavin rossdale, gay, gayness, gays, giles/oz, gimli/legolas, glam rock, glitter, gnosticism, goddesses, gods, goth, greece, greek, gunn/wesley, haiti, hannibal, harold and maude, harry potter, heather nova, hedonism, hermits, hinduism, history, holy grail, icons, india, inkubus sukkubus, jesus, joan of arc, joseph campbell, joss whedon, kali, krishna, l. j. smith, lesbians, libertarianism, lord of the rings, lust, madonna, mary magdalen, memento, monkeys, monty python, mythology, myths, nancy baker, narnia, neil gaiman, new orleans, nick cave, night world, oingo boingo, oz, oz books, ozma, paganism, pan, pansexuality, pansexuals, pantheism, pin-up girls, pizza, polyamory, pop culture, queer by choice, queers, rebecca pidgeon, red dragon, religion, ridley scott, rocky horror, science fiction, sex magick, shiva, silence of the lambs, slash, smallville, snakes, snark, space monkeys, spanish inquisition, star trek, star wars, tanith lee, tarot, the addiction, the forbidden game, the secret circle, the simpsons, the vampire diaries, thomas harris, tori amos, triads, vampires, vodou, wallpapers, wank, web design, wolves, writing
Friends:25: allen, arkane156, backfromspace, beandelphiki, blurty_hs, boho_love, communityads, darkrosetiger, delore, embitca, fandom_wank, ideology_wank, katemonkey, lexin, megolas, moodthemes, news, o0hugsnkisses0o, otps_r_us, slash_me, snuh, suggestions, support, twinkledru, userdoc
Friend of:12: arkane156, backfromspace, beandelphiki, boho_love, darkrosetiger, delore, embitca, katemonkey, kirsch, musicdiamond, o0hugsnkisses0o, twinkledru
Member of:7: blurty_hs, communityads, ideology_wank, moodthemes, slash_me, suggestions, userdoc
Account type:Early Adopter

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