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User:lily0rk (40179)
Name:Megan Danielle
Website:My Live Journal
Location:Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
AOL IM:Meg effin Rocks (Add Buddy, Send Message)

[ M e g a n * D a n i e ll e ]

You are about to expose yourself to the dangerously fabulous lifestyle of Megan Danielle - Proceed at risk of extreme envy and stong impulses to emulate.
Im otherwise known as Lolie. Im 19, 100% Italian and I live in The South. Im a Spoiled Brat Extraordinare. Im also a high maintence / high class kind of girl. A very blunt person if you will. I'll tell you honestly what I think about you. I'll call you out on your mistakes and I don't give a damn who you think you are. Im very opinionated and people say Im a "bitch" or "stuck up" - Im not gunna lie Im not a nice person by any means but I can be nice. I don't trust many people, I have no issues with trust and it's not because I've been "hurt in the past" or anything along those lines. I only trust certain people with certain things and thats how it is. I keep a very close group of tight knit friends around me and always will. Im very well educated and do not put up with stupidity for anyone. If you can't hold an intelligent conversation with me then your not worth my time. I get what I want, when I want, however I want. I will not apologize for anything I've said or will say nor will I apologize for being who I am or the way I act. I wont sugar coat reality and if you can't accept that then my suggestion to you would be not to read any further. I don't broadcast my feelings to the world so if your looking for that you wont find it here. I have very little by way of emotion and Im fine with that you needn't worry. I am very proud of who I am and where I come from. You'll either love me or you'll love to hate me. I live in Luxury!! The world watches as I get undressed, Im pretty like drugs If you plan to add me as a friend, all I ask is that you leave me a comment to let me know; the same goes if you plan on removing me from your list. Thanks or something, sod off.
Keep your opinions to yourself. This is my journal, therefore only mine are valid.

[ M a t e r i a l * G i r l ]

Only The Best : Avirex, Lady Enyce, Baby Phat, Sergio Valente, Triple 5 Soul, Von Dutch, Girbaud, Fendi, Gucci, Coach, DKNY, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Frankie B, Christian Dior, Chanel, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, BCBG, Bebe, Valentino, Bvlgari, Bob Mackie, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Pucci, Armani, UF0z, Hollister, Saucony, Roberto Cavalli, Betsey Johnson, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Charlotte Russe, Juicy Couture, Dooney and Bourke, XoXo, Anne Klein, Ralph Lauren, Guess

[ P a r t n e r s * In * C r i m e ]

RILEY a.k.a. "THE JAMIE" (nyheartbreaka13) you know your like my favorite person ever. We've got so much in common it's scary! Remember we're "soulmates" because "Im so Into you" you'll always be my famous rockstar and dont worry we'll share the tabloids and our groupies in SoHo ;D we're going to have some fun times in Mustique. I trust you with everything and your like a sister to me . That bedroom of yours at my flat in London is always waiting hehe ILU xoxo <3 Kylie (kykyzdiary) There's too much to say about you O - Kylie - Bin Laden. You've always been there for me and I LUH YOU a ton cracker and I know you still want me to turn you out, you'd like it you FREAK Lol ;D <3 Kellie (bella_femme) We've been through a ton or stuff ... and boys! But of course none of them have been worthy. GIRLS GONE WILD! It's nice to know that other than Kylie you'll always be around for me to make fun of people with. Remember Im watching you! Luv you <3

Memories:8 entries
Interests:96: ac milan, afi, ally hilfiger, amadeus, aristocracy, audrey hepburn, beauty, beta-reading, beverly hills, boys, bright eyes, britney spears, broadway, cars, clubbing, cosmetology, cosmopolitans, dancing, daniel radcliffe, death eaters, die trying, diego luna, draco malfoy, draco/harry, duran duran, england, eyeliner, fanfiction, fashion, gay bois, glamour, golf, hard candy makeup, harry potter, harry/draco, hats, hilton sisters, him, ibiza, inter milan, italy, jack in the box, jagermeister, jane eyre, jewlery, keith urban, lacrosse, lipgloss, london, london after midnight, lord of the rings, luxury, mac, makeup, martinis, michael jackson, milan, music, nicky hilton, nyc, paris, paris hilton, parties, politics, polo, queer as folk, rascal flatts, red bull, republican, rich girls, rome, sephora, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, singing, slash, sleeping, slytherin, smashbox, socialites, st tropez, starbucks, steven cojocaru, sunglasses, surrey, tanning beds, the oc, tom felton, tony blair, travel, tropical islands, urban decay, vanity, ville valo, voldemort
Friends:52: 041103, 0lilblondibabi0, ajanuarysigh, armani_flavor, babiiedoll23, bella_femme, bella_morte, bluespacemonkey, bottlefame, cinnabunnz, cityxlife, controlfreak, craziness01, date_rape, desigerchic134, designerchic134, drunk_prep, dukedemayo, dv8yoshi, dvszfreakybish, getoffmytits, heaver, hick, ic0nified, iloveyoo, jacquie, jello_shot, jiggamae, justmyself03, kykyzdiary, kyuro, lemonheadork, lily0rk, lil_blue_eyez, lil_prep, lip_gash, meganmalfoy, meghandanielle, miss_meghan, mzdrtysouf, nyheartbreaka13, punkr0ckglam, starrprincess, tastetharainbow, tatanii, torn8686, whoregasm, xsouthernbaby, xxpimpinxx, __dirtbag, __scumbag, ___craziiqerlii
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