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User:liltih_succubi (199202)
Name:The Angry Princess
Website:Falling Faster
Location:Somewhere, United States
Yahoo! ID:lehottymami (Add User, Send Message)

I love being pissed, it invigorates me. Wanna join the slow death that is my life?

Anger makes us all the more human.

PS:All of my icons are mine. If some bitch or fuck steals any of them and claim that they made them, I will fuck them up!

My Grandma's Religios Spanish/English Blurty Journal: ya_va_dios_con_

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Memories:6 entries
Interests:143: a perfect circle, acting silly, adam, alternative music, animals, anne rice, art, astrology, audioslave, audiovent, bacardi silver, bass, beer, being a pervert, being angry, being naked, bindis, bisexuality, black eyeshadow, blondes, blood, brand, breaking things, c.j., casting spells, cheese, cigarettes, cilo, coal chamber, cold, dave navarro, disturbed, divination, drinking, drowing pool, drums, egypt, el solei, evanescence, filter, finch, fiona apple, five pointe o, foo fighters, freaks, fro fro, fucking, garbage, germany, gothic things, guano apes, hating, hating men, heineken, hole, hoobastank, horror movies, jay jay, jessica, jewel, jimi hendrix, jules, kidney thieves, kittie, korn, la lune, la secta, la uva, lambrusko, latamate, le hot mims, lea, linda, linkin park, lisa, live, loki, long hair, lost prophets, marilyn manson, mike, my ass, my friends, my lover, my tits, nail polish, nakedness, nirvana, oleander, oranges, orgy, our lady peace, papa roach, partying, piano, piercings, placebo, playing music, poe, poetry, pretty things, pythons, raves, reading, real men, revenge, role playing, saliva, santa clara, scaring people, seether, seven channels, sevendust, shakira, shots, silverchair, sr-71, stabbing westward, staind, stone temple pilots, strawberries, swan, t.a.t.u., tamias, taproot, tarot, teasing, tele, the color black, the color red, the doors, thursday, tool, trapt, traveling, trust company, twelve stones, vampirism, vegetarianism, violin, white stripes, witchcraft, writing
Friends:10: abberation, audraisaudra, badbebita, chasinxdaylight, darknightsage, geometricplague, jackoffjane, ondisplay, televators, _zero_trouble_
Account type:Early Adopter

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