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Below is user information for Lil Shorty. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lilshorty (52411)
Name:Lil Shorty
Website:The Lil Shorty Show (My Website)
Location:Iowa, United States
Yahoo! ID:lilshorrtee (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:lilshortskeet
Interests:111: 2pac, aaron carter, american eagle, animaniacs, arthur, baby d, baby phat, ballet flats, bandanas, basketball, beaters, billabong, black cars, blazers, blazin squad, bone thugs n harmony, bow wow, boy meets world, breakdance, calvin klein, carmello, cherry coke, clothes, coconut, coke, concerts, cookie dough, cosmo, coyote ugly, crab, cuddling, dancing, david banner, dkny, dmx, dogs, drums, elmo, express, fast and the furious, film, flavored water, good burger, guys, hair, hip hop, hip hop dance, hockey, hugs, iced coffee, inline skating, kisses, kottonmouth kings, lil maxso, lime green, lime green cars, malls, mcdonalds, mp3s, my website, necklaces, nelly, newports, olsen twins, orbitz, pacsun, paw prints, peach snapple, peaches, pepsi, photography, pickles, pictures, piercings, pink cars, pinky and the brain, plain mcflurries, playboy bunny, preppy style, pugs, punky brewster, puppies, rap, seafood, serendipity, seven jeans, shopping, shrimp, skittles, south park mexican, space goofs, starbucks, stilletos, subs, subway, summer, sunglasses, surge, taco bell, tacos, tattoos, the boys of summer, the color pink, the wonder years, tickling, tongue rings, trick daddy, twista, twix, von maur, you got served
Friends:11: animaniacsrp, dgener8puf, dumbblondie212, emotional_scars, hispanicshawti, katyiscool, kels885, rebelchild, runamyrun, wee_bebe, xlilshortiex
Friend of:4: dumbblondie212, emotional_scars, kels885, tainer
Account type:Early Adopter

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