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Below is user information for Exquiste Cestoide. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lilith_hel (186674)
Name:Exquiste Cestoide
Website:Emergence of Lilith
Yahoo! ID:lilith_hel (Add User, Send Message)

The WeatherPixie

Interests:113: 1940's, 1940's hairstyles, 60's surf music, afi, anne rice, apoptygma berzerk, aria giovanni, armand, assemblage 23, athens, betty page, big band, blah, blue, boots, breakfast food, brian setzer orchestra, bruce campbell, burritos, cats, cemetaries, cheese, christopher walken, cities, classical music, club 735, cocktails, colorful hair, corsets, covenant, cute furry baby animals, dave brubeck, deathrock, dracula, dread falls, duran duran, egyptian, elizabeth bathory, faeries, funk music, gardens, gay men, genre clubbing, george clinton, gormenghast, gothic fashion, h.r. giger, hair falls, hair styling, haujobb, industrial, japanese rope bondage, jimi hendrix, latex, lestat, lime green, london, makeup, metropolis, mike hideous, misfits, mistress persephone, moss green, nail polish, new orleans, occult, oceans, paris, pasta, perfume, peter murphy, philosophy, piddys, pin up girls, pizza, psychobilly, pub songs, punk, purple, pvc, rain, reign the conqueror, ren fairs, retail slut, rockabilly, russia, sex (with my fiance), shopping, skin two, skinny puppy, space fashion, stray cats, sublime, swimming, swing music, synthetic hair, tank girl, tattoos, taxi driver, technicolor, thoushaltnot, time travel, tolkien, travelling, u.v. reactive stuff, ultraviolence, vampira, viggo mortensen, vinyl, vlad dracul, vodka, wicca, yo yo ma
Friends:17: afeversomeday, beforemytime, coffincurse, dhinc, dirty_machine, eyelid, fierytiggress, lordoftherings, nicole_strange, nocturnalmorte, roman_goddess, rosered44, rosewood_frog, sheep4859, shy_lil_bat, spacejack, viggoart
Account type:Early Adopter

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