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User:lililmaticmami (131613)
Location:New Milford, United States
AOL IM:CmM1605 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey guys, my names Casey *YoU cAn FiNd Me In ThA cLuB* Im a soph at NMHS ( Keep it fresh `05! ) Im on the dance team...we kicked ass at the Best Competition `03 girls! 1st place Hell Yah! I loveee to dance (HipHop) and I love to rap for my girl Kayla haha..I listen to Rap, R&b, Hip-hop, Pop, Some rock and the Now and Then soundtrack ( Oh hell yeah ) I hate racist bitches, so dont talk it around me..My best friendz are Carly, Kay, Abby and all my boyz (Andy, Mike, Anthony, Eric L, Eric W, Tom, an Joe) I have a 19 or 20 yr old brother ( whoopsy haha ) named John..He used to b a stern ass but hes cool now! My mom is whack...well she can be and my daddy doenst know that I have a life..he especially doesnt know i associate with boys hahaha so...I get into a lot of trouble...=( I lie way to much...well thats not bad...haha but gettin caught mom cut the aol cord up right in front of me so i only have it at my dads now and im at my pops only 2 nights a week...Ok well haha cya! ..WuN..
**WUDDUP TO THE NEW CREW-Nicole, Sara, Cait, Dani, Lauren,Sherrie, Ang, Dan, Joe, Jeff, Rob, Ryan, Kyle, Phifer, n whoever else! ILU!!!**
Interests:20: big comfy clothes, clothes, clubbin, coke/pepsi, dance, disney channel, drink, funny shyt, go out, guys guys guys, jewlery, makeup, mtv, pasta, rap, salad!!, sleep out, snowboard, stay out, thats so raven
Friends:13: babykitkatt, baby_cherries, destroyedyouth, gangstabytch, juliegrace, lilmisskarin, lil_shorty, seximami4u, sexysar, shiningstarbabe, sweet_kizzez, tiredofthis, _babii_n_piink_
Friend of:13: baby_cherries, banginbabiiboo1, banginshawtii69, destroyedyouth, gangstabytch, juliegrace, lilmisskarin, seximami4u, shatteredtears2, stupiedays, sweet_kizzez, xcherrypiezx, _babii_n_piink_
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