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Below is user information for LilBoBo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lilbobonb87 (767380)
Location:westfield, Massachusetts, United States


Age:17 years

Birthday:ApRiL 15,1987


Location:Westfield Mass

Sexual Preferance:Straight


17 years...

turning 18 next month..

been with the same guy off and on... David

Have like 6 piercings "Ears"..

lived in gay westfield most of my life.

Junior at westfield vocational technical highschool..

I love to sing and play my accustic guitar...

Have a passion for music that someday to start my own career.

my favorite colors are baby and pink..

my nickname is "lilbobo".

certain Guys in bands are hot..

I hate school...

If u don't like me at all fucken deal with it...

I am a total tomboy 100%.

I Hate alot of people at voke that most of them are fags..

I can't stand when people likes to accuse me and call me a poser...

Ignore my ass if u hate me so much..

I use to do sports like soccer.. basketball and dancing...

I hate concited fucks...

Treat me the way u like to be treated...

I can either be nice at times or I can turn into a major bitch...

I rather not be popular that I just think of it as one big waiste of time..

I Rather be concidered anti-social..

no ones perfect so deal with it..

I hate it when I am a catagorie which I rather be myself..

I love Horror movies that I can just talk about them all day.

I love the carebears that my favorite is sleepybear...

So just remember " Friend's Only "....


Korn is "freak on a leash" love.

Dave Navarro is sexy love.

evanescence is love.

Maroon 5 is this love.

Ashton is sexy love.

Ashlee Simpson is Love.

Story Of The Year is Love.

Stewie is Love.

quads are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Chad Michael Murray is love

Bam Margera is Love

Taking Back Sunday is Love

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Interests:150: 12 stones, 3 doors down, 311, 7th heaven, a static lullaby, ac/dc, accents, alcohol, amy lee, angelina jolie, anti-social, as i lay dying, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, bam, bam margera, bands, basketball, beavis & butthead, beer, being alone, being crazy, being hyper, being in love, black, black eyeliner, black hair, black nail polish, blacklights, blacknailpolish, bleeding through, blink 182, blink-182, blood, bmxing, body glitter, body peircings, bowling for soup, boxcarracer, boy meets world, boyfriends, boys, boys in eyeliner, boys with tattoos, burning stuff, camping, candles, carebears, carmen electra, cartoons, cds, cellphone, chad michael murray, chains, chaos, cheesecake, chevelle, chuck taylors, club dread, clubbing, coheed and cambria, coloring, computers, concerts, converse, courtney love, cruel intentions, cuddling, cutting, dance dance revolution, dancing, daria, days todismember, ddr, diet coke, disney movies, disturbed, donnie darko, donniedarko, dreams, dropkick murphys, drowning pool, edward scissorhands, element, eminem, evanescence, eve6, evil dead, eyeliner, faeries, family guy, fight club, finding nemo, fountains of wayne, foxracing, friends, fruit smoothies, fuzzy things, garbage, glitter, glow sticks, godsmack, good charlotte, green day, greenday, grumpy bear, guitar, guitars, guys, hair-dye, halloween, hanging out, happy bunny, hardcore, hatebreed, hating myself, hating the world, having crushes, heavy metal, hello kitty, hole, hoobastank, hoodies, horror movies, hot topic, hugs, jack skellington, jimmy eat world, joel madden, johnny depp, jonathan davis, journey, killswitch engage, kissing, kittie, knives, korn, kurt cobain, lighters, lilo and stitch, limp bizkit, lindsay lohan, linkin park, living dead dolls, lotions, love, lynard skynard, makeup, marilyn manson, maroon 5
Friends:5: hitomie, partygiraffe105, teaberry902, xxxsoulguidexxx, xx_allusionz_xx
Account type:Free User

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