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Below is user information for *Molly*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lil_lost_soul (81365)
AOL IM:Snouffy24 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:ME-I have brown/green eyes, long brown hair with red highlights. Im 5'4 119lb (im fat!) pretty tan with my own sence of style. Currently single but talking to someone at the moment pretty seriously, Damien. Ive got 3 years of highschool left :( at bdhs. Go catholicism! Its basically stories n just nonsence that I post up on here. If your lucky every once and while Ill post one of my poems. Other then that Im pretty much just me! You can comment and Id be happy to add you to my friends list ;)
Interests:93: abercrombie, acoustic music, aim, all nighters, babies, benji, birthdays, blink182, boxcar racer, california, candyland, cars, cell phones, chinese food, clubs, coffee houses, color pink, country stuff, cowboy, daises, damien, dancing, dave mathews band, emails, expensive places, fast cars, friends, gettin my nails done, getting dressed up, getting wasted, good charlotte, gucci, guitars, hats, hootie and the blowfish, hot tubs, icecream, incubus, inside jokes, jewery, jimmy buffett, kittens, laughing, letters, lifeguarding, lip gloss, love notes, lovers, manatees, medication, money, monkeys, music, mustangs, my room, names, neighbors, nfg, nicknames, o, oceans 11, oldies, orange, perdiddling, phantom planet, pools, presents, puppys, quotes, running, science, simple plan, sledding, smiling, smooches, snorkling, something coorporate, stars, steak n shake, stories, sunshine, surfing, tanning, tex, the ocean, tiffany&co, tommy, vacations, victoria secret, walks, yoga, yuppy people, zebras
Friends:8: ems, gothicprincess, jlm1779, mrgay, ouch_ified, shade_of_pain, sinful_devotion, sweettart45121
Account type:Early Adopter

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