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Below is user information for LeE <33. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lil_h0 (91335)
Name:LeE <33
Website:greatestjournal /~DREAMii_
Location:United States

stripped of all make-up
no need for fancy clothes
no cover ups . . push ups
with him . . I dont have to put on a show
he loves every freckle . . every curve
every inch of my skin
fullfilling me entirely
taking all of me in
hes real . . hes honest
hes loving me for me

:. 10.03.03 .:

call me a _ BiTCH _ cuz i speak whats on my mind

stop drop KABOOM baby rub on ya nipples ;]

i claimed the followin songs atsong_claimage :

The Ataris - Unopened Letter to the World
Good Charlotte - Bloody Valentine
Eminem - Superman

< -FRiENDS SiGNS - >
( if you have any give em to me! )

Interests:90: 50 cent, 8 mile, aim, alcohol, amanda perez, animals, ashanti, benji, beyonce, boxcar racer, boys, burger king, candy, cell phones, chicken fingers, chillin, chingy, christmas, clothes, dancing, dvds, eminem, evanescence, fishnets, flirtin, friends, fries, goldfinger, good charlotte, ice cream, jewelry, joel, kissin, lil john, limp bizkit, love, ludacris, makeup, mall, mest, money, monkies, movies, music, mya, nelly, nfg, parties, peircings, perfume, pharrell williams, popcorn, punk, punk boys, rap, rock, screwin around, sean paul, simple plan, slim jims, smile empty soul, snowboarding, something corporate, sports, sprite, stuff, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, summer, sun chips, sushi, takin pictures, tanning, tattoos, teasing, the all american rejects, the ataris, the starting line, thongs, three days grace, tounge rings, trapt, trina, vacations, vodka, wine coolers, working out, x-tina, young gunz
Friends:38: anybody, belleicons, bounciin, digital_dream, eminemsbaby, endless_tears, eye_linerx, feedmydreams, flirtation, fxckedthoughtz, hopityxbunni, ic0nified, ilueminem, lilpinkladee11, losinggrip03, obsessi0nz, piink_cherry_69, prusnthehouse, purdieful, ragdollprincess, sekzi_1, sexii_cherries, shnookywookums, taylormarie, th0ughtz__, twinkeling_eyes, weekly, xgcriotgrlx, xliddlenicx, xoxblindxox, xpinkliquidx, xscandolusbabix, xxcheekymonkey_, yummiinesz, _masturbation, _mistakez, __princessa, __unperdee
Friend of:31: anybody, belleicons, bounciin, d0rkkk, digital_dream, eminemsbaby, endless_tears, feedmydreams, flirtation, fxckedthoughtz, ic0nified, ilueminem, new_y0rk, obsessi0nz, piink_cherry_69, pookiebear, prusnthehouse, purdieful, sekzi_1, sexii_cherries, shnookywookums, taylormarie, th0ughtz__, twinkeling_eyes, xliddlenicx, xoxblindxox, xpinkliquidx, xscandolusbabix, xxcheekymonkey_, _mistakez, __unperdee
Member of:3: claim_people, hottiegirl1, __princessa
Account type:Early Adopter

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