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User:like_shizza (761355)
Name:Annie X Nervosa
Website:omg it's my livejournal!
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:-as you look into the mirror, into those eyes. do you see what is, or is it a disguise?-

i play guitar. i'm a 501 drinker. my favorite word is "bitchfuck". or just putting any word with fuck. shitfuck whorefuck slutfuck waterfuck. doesn't really work but oh well. i like talking in fragmented sentences. i also enjoy using acronyms like "wtf" and "stfu" and "gtfo" when talking just to emphasize my loser-like qualities. oh yeah, i got to Allied Health, too. it is the dorkiest school around. and the teachers give you so much homework. it's like they think you don't have a life outside of school.

i hate emo music. i hate gay trucker hats. i use the word "fag" alot and i know its bad. i hate girls. i hate boys. i hate asexuals. i hate rap hiphop and r$b or whatever. i hate most shows i go to. i hate drinking out of cups. i hate when music isn't played as loudly as it can. i hate "scenesters". i hate anything scene. i hate people who think they're so artsy and take cool photos but really aren't good and stuff. i hate fake people. i hate in generl.

and i like hitting people with doors.

and listen to Bob and the Sagets. or die.

well that's it. pXo

oh yeah, one more thing...

Me and you
Here's what we'll do
Walk hand-in-hand
Into Lovers Land, awwww
You're the best
And I can't resist
A kiss on the lips awwww awwww

-the aquabats

Interests:88: american eagle clothes, amp, annie x. nervosa, asbury park, asbury park beach, bass, bitchfuck, biting, blind guardian, bob and the sagets, boxers, breathing through my nose, captain morgan's rum, caress me down, checks, chemistry, cky, cky movies, coby linder, convention hall, demons and wizards, drinking, drinking games, dying my hair, english class, fighting, filming, fist fights, fucking people up, goin' commando, going nananananana, guitar, guys plus tight pants, guys with shaggy hair, harry potter, having many interests, helloween, hey lord, hey smokey, hitting, hoodies, hotpink, ignoring stupid people, inflicting pain upon people, intelligence, iron maiden, it's a muffin!, kamelot, kirill, labotomies, laughing, licking people, life is short, lord of the rings, max bemis, metallica (pre-st. anger), music, oh die die die, oh look, oh the randomness, on the road, pirates, pointing and laughing, psycho over you, punching, russian vodka, russians, sandals, say anything, screaming, sharpies, sheets of egyptian cotton, shitfuck, skate and surf fest, skirts, sleeping, sparkles, strawberry shortcake drinks, sublime, summer, that lovin' sound, the beach, the ocean, thinking too much, vodka, wanamassa, warped tour, water bottles
Friends:1: an0ther_pawn
Friend of:1: an0ther_pawn
Account type:Free User
Date created:2004-04-13 18:25:45
Date updated:2005-04-23 22:59:57, 504 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
Journal entries:13
Comments:Posted: 2 - Received: 6

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