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User:like2spd (272824)
Name:David K.
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:My name is David,
I am 18 years old.
I am in the class of 2004.
Started schooling one year late so I could be older in my classes instead of younger.
I am 6' 1",
Weight is around 170 lbs,
I have, what i call, an ash-blonde hair color,
I love to surf, and occasionally skateboard.
I spend most of my time with my friend Chris.
I am told that i lack confidence in myself,
But I just consider it modesty.
I was born in Louisville, KY.,
lived there a year.
I moved to Levinin, TN.
Lived there for a year.
Then i moved to Huntville Al.
Little bro born,
lived there for 2 years,
Moved to where i currently live in the Panhandle of Florida, on the Gulf Coast and lived here ever since.
I have an older, 20 year old sister, Allison.
I have a younger, 14 year old brother, Brian.
My parents divorced.
I live with my mother.
I work in a chiropractic and physical therapy office.
I run arons and walk my boss's dogs and basically do the fun and easy tasks.

Interests:32: beach, cars, civic, civics, computers, counter-strike, counterstrike, cs, dashboard, dashboard confessional, emo, florida, girls, guitars, gulf coast, half-life, hatchback, honda, hondas, html, music, parties, partying, performance, philosophy, programming, racing, rap, relationships, rock, skateboarding, surfing
Friends:1: lessthanjohn
Account type:Free User

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