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User:lija_wood (112369)
Name:Elijah Wood
Website:This ain't no hobbit delight, folks.
Location:Santa Monica, California, United States
AOL IM:TheSexiestHobbit (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:TheSexiestHobbit (Add User, Send Message)

Writer-Actor-Dork Extroadinaire

"Frodo is very curious, which is not exactly a Hobbit-like trait. Hobbits don't want to know about the outside world. It's all a bit too frightening for them. In that sense Frodo isn't too different from any other role that I've played before... except that I'm especially small now and I've got big, hairy feet."

From Lord of the Rings to The Faculty I've been in it.

dommie_monaghan One of my fellowship; the person who means the most to me. I fell in love with him the day I met him and if I don't fuck things up, he'll be the person I spend the rest of my life with.

_trachtenberg_ Mich is my special dork, I can be completely myself with her and go insane. She never minds this and goes along with it, show her some respect. She is Dawn after all. ;)

bloomage platonic soulmate slash my slice of apple pie. he's the greatest and if you don't think so, you suck.

maj__delfino is my baby girl and the person i go running to for no reason other than to hug. she's my other soulmate. <3

sarahmichelle gets me hot n bothered.

_mortensen_ is some guy who likes to beat on my honey.

mike_bibby should be worshipped. I met him a few months ago and we hit it off right away. Already I can call him one of my best friends and confide in him. He's a great listener, an excellent ballplayer and he deserves some props.

a_acker we've fought a little in the past but once we got over that we've been close. She's my partner in writing fics about certain people and I'm one of the godfather's to her beautiful (yet unborn) daughter. :)

oh yeah. orangeyellowpinkblue4evalikewhatwhat.

Oh would you look at that? This is a game! Not real! Don't im me, don't harass me, and don't sue me. Then it's all good.
Memories:4 entries
Interests:102: *grope*, 100x100, :-*, :-x, abusing amber, acting, all american rejects, ally mack, amy acker, angel, anti-franka, anti-pr, anti-slow servers, anti-templates, ash wednesday, basketball, billy boyd, biting my fingernails, black and white, braveheart, burger king, caffeine, candy, chain of fools, chewing on my lip, chris webber, cloves, coffee, collecting star wars memorabilia, david boreanaz, deep impact, dj'ing, dominic monaghan, ewan, fanfiction, flipper, fluffy, hannah, hi dom :-*, hurr, ian mckellen, icon making, icons, jack osbourne, jimi hendrix, kelly osbourne, kirsten dunst, layouts, liv tyler, lord of the rings, los angeles, love, majandra delfino, mandy moore, massive attack, mike bibby, mm dom, my baby girl, my boyfriend, my platonic soulmate, natalie portman, not cooking, not the psycho baglady, obsessive personalities, orangeyellow, orlando bloom, pixels, pulp fiction, pumas, queens of the stoneage, radio flyer, radiohead, reading, rollerblading, santa monica, sarah michelle gellar, sean astin, sean bean, sex, singing, smallville, smoking, star wars, starbucks, stuff, surfing, swimming, the beatles, the bumblebee flies anyway, the faculty, the good son, the ice storm, the kings, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the white stripes, tom welling, try seventeen, viggo mortensen, whatnot, whorli, zach
Friends:62: a_acker, a_mack, billy___boyd, bledel_alexis_, bloomage, brendan_fehr_, carpenter, cate_blanchett, celebverse, chelle_williams, chris_webber, cv_maintain, cv_shaggery, cv_tabloid, dave_boreanaz, denisof, dommie_monaghan, elizadushku, elvenstar, f_prinze, gene_carter, henry_m, ian_mckellen, jaime_bergman, jamesmarsters, jerry_springer, joshjackson_, karl_urban, katherineheigl, katherineholmes, krissy_kreuk, la_mila, lija_wood, livvie_tyler, liz_dushku, lotr_beanie, lotr_gang, maj__delfino, mike_bibby, miranda_otto_, m_monroe, m_rosenbaum, n_brendon, poetical_branch, preponx, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, sean_astin, selma_blair, smoked_ashes, sprinkles_mw, stu_townsend, tysonritter_, vincent_k, xtreame_angel_x, _amandamoore_, _benson_, _bosworth_, _ledger_, _mortensen_, _trachtenberg_, _vanderbeek_
Friend of:66: abi_jenna, a_acker, bagendbabe, billy___boyd, bledel_alexis_, bloomage, bonbon_w, carpenter, cate_blanchett, chris_webber, cv_maintain, dave_boreanaz, debra_messing, denisof, dommie_monaghan, dwayne_johnson, emilie_deravin, feltonesque, f_prinze, gene_carter, hil_duff_, jaime_bergman, jamesmarsters, jewel_kilcher, johnson_eric, joshjackson_, katherineholmes, krissy_kreuk, lija_wood, liz_dushku, maj__delfino, mike_bibby, miranda_otto_, miss_dushku, mrs_jay, m_monroe, m_rosenbaum, n_brendon, onlywords, phelps, poetical_branch, preponx, rachie_leigh, rupertgrint, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, shane_mcmahon_, smoked_ashes, snuggles_mw, sprinkles_mw, steph_mac, stevewilliams, stu_townsend, the_hot_phelps, tysonritter_, vincent_k, welling_tom, xtreame_angel_x, _amandamoore_, _benson_, _bosworth_, _dumas_, _mcgregor_, _mortensen_, _sethgreen_, _trachtenberg_
Member of:6: celebverse, cv_shaggery, cv_tabloid, jerry_springer, lotr_gang, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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