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User:lighterz (168802)  

CHICK Well let me just say some shit at random. My name is Sarra, when I add the extra r its becase I feel like it. I live in Ontario Canada and have all my life. I will be going into the eigth grade. I have a fear of spiders and going blind. I love vanilla milkshakes the ones from mcdonalds, I can't go there and not get one. I love hanging out with my friends and getting on the computer. I have anxiety but I am getting better. I am generally a nice person, unless your just annoying or piss me off. My best friend is Jessie! but all my friends rock. my favorite colors are blue&silver but I also love black and purple. I have been to alot of places and my favorite one is Flordia. I really want to go to hawaii. I live with my parents and 16 year old brother. I have one dog named Srudel who I love. I love holidays and the season summer. Music is amazing and eminem is the best artist. I like writting songs and shopping, tankinis are the best kind of bathing suits! No matter how hot it is in my room I sleep with the covers to my ears, thast jus the way I am. I also sleep with a fan every night. I love the feeling of being scared and I love roller coasters, the taller the better. Inside jokes and eating is a blast! I have a pic of me just look at my icons. I love wearing capris and a tank top. And baggy jeans a hoody. I love days at the beach and vacations. My journal is friends only I will add pretty much anyone. I don't add people wh0 can;T SpElL right. And I don't help anyone with journals. Got a problem? good because I sure as hell don't. Its easy as 1-2-3, now go!<3 aim?: vanilla tasted (i love chatting) !@#$%^&*

Interests:27: aim, animals, best friends, blurty, capris, computer, eminem, eyeliner, friends, halters, hanging out, journals, lighters, lipgloss, making fires, music, police officers, rides, scented things, sex, soft pillows, tatu, the beach, the movies, toe socks, websites, writting songs
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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