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User:light_fatfree (974335)
Location:Citrus Heights, California, United States

[name]= cecily.

i'm 18 years young. =).

im a senior at mira loma high school finally.

i have a wonderful life that i am appreciative of.

i love my life.

i live for my family, my boyfriend, my friends and my cat of course.

i dont know what i would do without them♥

[nick stevens]= happens to be my boyfriend & my bestest friend =). this guy means soo much to me. i love him with all my heart. hes always been there for me, always listens to whatever i have to say, even if he doesnt agree. [♥01.26.08 at 11:17 p.m. =)] he asked me out on my birthday =].

born in stockton, lived in manteca for 15 years and moved to sacramento. now live in citrus heights.

i am very happy person most of the time =).

i tend to whine a lot.

[t.v.]= beverly hills 90210, the o.c., tim and eric awesome show, miami ink, l.a. ink, the soup, tom goes to the mayor, aqua teen hunger, robot chicken, sabrina the teenage witch, i love lucy, leave it to beaver, the munsters, girls next door.

[movies]= titanic and final destination♥.

im not the best student. im a bit a slacker lately.

im about 5'7-5'8.

i love sleep=].

i hate getting up early.

ive only failed three classes through my years in high school. second semester of french, second semester of ceramics, and first semester of geometry.

it took me 2 times to finally pass the math part of the exit exam.

im really bad at math and history.

i tend to put myself down a lot.

i type really fast.

[pay as you go phones]= stupid. and of course thats what i have :[.

i have big feet =(.

i got a bunion removed on my left foot in december of 2005.

i had braces when i was in elementary school.

[music]= christina aguilera, avril lavigne, taylor swift, lily allen & britney spears.

i wish i was born in the 40's-50's.

i go to the gym 6 days a week. i love working out.

i have a fear of getting obese.

i shave my arms and armpits everyday.

im online way too much.

i dont set goals.

i love making new friends=D.

yet i hate dealing with people.

i wear glasses but during the week i wear my contacts.

i can be very annoying, but who cant be?

i raise my voice a lot and i dont even know im doing it.

i get really irritated fast.

i dont want to learn how to drive, it scares me :[.

i love fruit. i could live on it.

i dont like cooking.

my hands are always cold and

i want to be a dental assist when im older.

im not independent at all and i wish i was.

im not a leader in any way.

i love making memories♥

[animals]= the best creature alive! =]

i love singing, but my voice sucks.

i love romantic movies:].

i love sleep overs.

i love being home and hanging with my mom and sister♥

i hate change.

i wanna set the lady that lives above us on fire.

ill never smoke or drink. and i mean that.

when i get married no alcohol allowed at my wedding. im serious.

i get so upset when people drink. i just want to smash their face in with a brick.

i dont cuss often, but sometimes it just comes out.

my family always forgets about me. example: "well everyones out of high school now!"

i hate being the youngest.

ive changed so much in the past years.

i wouldnt go back to awkward age if you paid me.

i dont want kids.

[summer]= boring and hot.

[winter]= fun and snuggle time♥

i can snap really loud but i can barely whistle.

i hate liars but i used to lie a lot.

i never want to work in a library again.

i dont like pain but i can deal with it.

i used to dress crazy back in 8th grade and freshman year but then i stopped.

[clothes]= american eagle, abercrombie and fitch & hollister.
i love washing clothes.

i hate hanging clothes and putting them away

i hate changing my sheets, its a pain in the butt!

i hate hand washing clothes because i feel like the clothes aren't clean.

i hate the smell of clothes that dry outside

i hate when people do the wrong "your" and "youre"

i miss my friends back in manteca.

im trying to get better at hacky sac.

i do regret a lot of things, but im starting to think..things happen for a reason. i want to foget about the past and go on with the future.

i used to wear my retainer every night up until my roots got exposed =(.

i say ew and aw way too much. online and off lol.

the littlest things make me happy :]

[hello kitty]= ones of the best creations ever.

i may not be the best thing ever, but im a sister, a daughter, a niece, a friend, a girlfriend,
and a person just like you :]

i wash my hair everday no matter if i left the house or not. basically i love being clean<3

i love taking pictures<3

i am who i am and people can think what they think.

i find it awkward to walk up alone to a group of friends, or just one single person.

im tired of the game called, "lets talk shit about your friends!" and drama.

i love the burning sensation of listerine!

i love flossing.

i love texting.

i hate when myspace is slowww.

my cat had 1,140 friends on myspace and now i have 256 cause they got deleted =[.

[favorite online game]= icy candy♥

i wish i had natural white teeth :[.

i hate when i get hung up on! x[

i had a ganglion cyst on my right wrist and i got that removed on august 1, 2007.

i hate when theres food stuck between my teeth..especially meat! grr.

i like clear/color shampoo liquids. theyre pretty:]

i can stand most kinds of poop..but i cant stand bird poop. i hate itttt.

i usually have some kind of drama on my back.

im not scared to tell someone how it is.

i may look innocent, but im really not.

im too forgiving.

one thing ive learned from high school is not to trust anyone or youll end up hurt in the end.

theres always one girl every year in one of my classes that i think is so pretty, and when i see her i always feel ugly and fat. grrr.

i can listen to the same cd over and over and over and overrr =).

i think a lot about the past. idk thats a bad thing sometimes.

once ive made up my mind or have something on my mind..i dont change or shut up about it.

i heat up my cats blanket for her =).

i love feeding stray cats.

i can seem heartless in some situations.

i hate being lied to and hear the truth from someone else.

i hate how gullabe i am.

i hate knowing anyone is mad at me =/.

ive made some horrible choices in my life.

idk how some of my friends can stand me at times.

i like the noise when i step on moist dirt.

i hate the sound of motorcycle engines it makes me get soo angry i wanna hurt someone! grr.

i hate when im walking home and the wind blows my hair back & then as cars drive by my hair goes forwards.

i count my calories.

i hate being asked if i need a ride when im walking home. its scary & gross.

i love britney spears new cd :]

i hate trying to open up bottles of shampoo and the lid doesnt open! and it makes you feel like your nail is going to rip off!

im a very open and honest person, so dont be surprised if im telling you about something you dont wanna hear:].

becca [my sister] -"i'm going to hold my urine until i get home. no time to ripppp off these leggs."

Interests:61: abs, american eagle outfitters, avril lavigne, being happy, beverly hills 90210, bras, britney spears, cats, cell phones, chap stick, christina aguilera, clean clothes, clean teeth, cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, cute things, dogs, dove products, excerise, flats, flossing, fluffy socks, food, friends, getting a phone call, ims, kisses, kittens, laughing, love, love stories, mints, movies, msn, my best friend, my cat sushi, my dad, my mom, my sister, not crying, paris hilton perfume, pictures, promises, pumas, puppies, running, sleeping, sleeping in, small feet, smiling, speed walking, taylor swift, the gym, the o.c., underwear, vans, video games, warm blankets, water, white teeth, working out
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