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User:liftedtothesky (280179)

the hook is in deep, boys, there is no more time
so you can struggle in the water
and be too stubborn to die
or you could just let go and be lifted to the sky
Interests:121: adam lazzara, afi, alkaline trio, allister, andrew mcmahon, ashton kutcher, band boys, benji madden, billy martin, black hair, blink182, box car racer, boy meets world, brand new, bright eyes, british, chad gilbert, chris carrabba, chuck taylors, coheed and cambria, coloring, conor oberst, dashboard confessional, dead legend, don't look down, dorks, drive thru records, dude where's my car, emile hirsch, escape engine, face first, finch, francesca lia block, frank sinatra, further seems forever, gabe saporta, glassjaw, going to shows, good charlotte, hanging out with bands, harry potter, hey mercedes, hoodies, incubus, jackass, jeremiah rangel, jimmy fallon, joel madden, john cusak, john mayer, john nolan, kenny vasoli, lars frederiksen, level 27, life is beautiful, lip rings, local bands, lord of the rings, malcolm in the middle, matt lovato, mest, midtown, mix tapes, moment, musicians, new found glory, newbury comics, paul thomas, percy weasley, piercings, pierre bouvier, pop punk, posers, pulp fiction, rancid, rocky horror picture show, ron weasley, rufio, rupert grint, saves the day, scottie murphy, senses fail, simple plan, sirius black, something corporate, spikey hair, stars, sum41, taking back sunday, taking pictures, that 70's show, the all american rejects, the ataris, the cure, the early november, the garment district, the goonies, the lost boys, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the smiths, the starting line, the used, the virgin suicides, the weasleys, the white stripes, the who, the wonder years, the-dangerous-lives-of-altar-boys, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, thrice, throne, tim armstrong, to kill a mockingbird, tony lovato, tyler rann, vagrant records, warped tour, weezer, writing, yellowcard
Friends:3: hezza, lucifugouskiss, xthreezacharmx
Friend of:2: hezza, xthreezacharmx
Account type:Free User

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