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Below is information about the " try so hard to get the words out" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lifeisaxsong (64188) try so hard to get the words out
Location:Illinois, United States
the rules
x. there are no rules really
x. post emo lyrics or lyrics that mean a lot to you
x. be sure to say what song the lyrics are from

x. got an "emo" problem? share with us!
x. got emo pictures? share with us!

to advertise this community:

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*remember to take out the stars*

this is the community adverstising picture:

Interests:145: 311, 37 slurp, 5 cent deposite, a long winter, alkaline trio, allister, andrew mcmahon, anitfreeze, anti-flag, asking autumn, autopilot off, being a dork, benton falls, best interest, bigwig, black star, blink-182, blueline medic, brand new, bright eyes, brodie, brokenboy, coheed and cambria, counterfit, crying, cursive, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, days away, death cab for cutie, deftones, dispatch, don't look down, dorks, elliott, emo, emo boys, emo glasses, emo lyrics, emoacustic, emocore, everclear, face first, fairview, fairwether, fall out boy, finch, finger eleven, first aid kit, five iron frenzy, from autum to ashes, fuel, further seems forever, g oreal slow, glassjaw, good charlotte, green day, half the battle, hands tied, hey mercedes, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hot rod circuit, impossibles, in pieces, incubus, jack johnson, jawbreaker, jazz june, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, john mayer, junction 18, less than jake, little league, long since forgotten, lucky 7, lucky boys confusion, mest, mighty mighty bosstones, millencolin, mock orange, mxpx, nerf herder, new found glory, no motiv, nofx, oar, one shot nothing, over it, pedro the lion, penfold, pennywise, photograpy, pictures, piebald, plain white t's, poision the well, pulley, punchline. short of 1, punk, reel big fish, river city high, rufio, saves the day, senses fail, shades apart, shaggy hair, shellac, shoes, shows, silver scooter, silverchair, simple plan, something corporate, stairwell, stars, stick figure suicides, story of the year, stryder, student rick, sublime, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, texas is the reason, the all american rejects, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the lyndsay diaries, the starting line, the stryder, the used, thursday, time spent driving, tokyo rose, triplefastaction, twothirtyeight, unwritten law, weezer, whippersnapper, yellowcard
Members:227: 0blivious, 4methisisheaven, 742617000027, aftersunset, akrieche, alaina, alonestar_, alone_in_me, always2good4me, anothernoone, aplainmorning, asyouwere, bahk, basketcase, betterxfuck, block_of_writer, bluexmoon, blue_channel, boday, boysdontcryx1x, br0kend011, br0ken_down, brassboxheart, breathesymphony, brightestcookie, brightesteyes, brokenkisses, brokenxpromisex, brokenx_, chaoticdreamz, chasinghope, chesire_cat, clandestinestar, connverse, crayolamarkers, cutelilmiss, cwesty10, cyanaide_kisses, dani3gurlxx, danzig, darkyetstar_lit, definen0rmality, dejectedemotion, deltadelta, diiamond_rose, discoverkitt, dorkaykidd, dorkyxcorky, dote, drkredduckie, dyingofsilence, dyslexic_kissme, eastcoast_rider, eisforlovers, eloquentbreath, em0_babie, emodrunkinlove, emz_rocks, euphoric_eyes, eye__irritation, fade_to_grey, failurebychoice, fallxoutxgirl, feel_so_callous, fourtwozero, gcriotgurl21, ginger_bread, goosenotchicken, greatestescapis, greendaysnimrod, halighhaligh, handlethis, hawaiianloner, heyvalentine19, hope___isgone, hotlikebutter, icpiztwiztid, id_unleashed, ifwinterends, ilovekurdt776, iloveyoun0t, imadreamer, imperfectstar, inacomadream, inutile, inxhisxarms, isk84pie, itch, ivebeendamaged, i_havesinned_, i_heart_emo1, jaxon45, jgiggles5, johnnydangerous, karaisgone, killmythoughts, kissofbullets, ladychiru, lastinline, letterstonoelle, loserchild145, lostromantic, luckedout, lvolcombabyl, marejaney, matesofstatex, mestangel6, misfitoutfit, missedthefall, musicdork, myheartstops4u, myhearts_broken, myusernamerules, my_0wn_summer, neverreallyover, never_for_ever, newfoundglorie1, notinyourstars, oh__vanity, on_this_drive, orangemarmalade, ourlipscollide_, pacjan, palepinkstars, piepunk, pinkphreek, prettyinpinkx, probonoprobongo, profchaos, pseudothought, pucci, pulcher, putuporshutup, r0x0r, readybreak, rizziscool, rockinghard, romantikxbullet, roughxdraft, roxygirl20, runrudyrun, sademogirlx, sadonthursday, scottdog, sevenatenine, sexyplexi234, shakeitlove, shakeshakekill, shatteredstar, sheburns, shedreamsinred, shmrazcat, shoegazer, silencer, silverandorange, sinkinxdeeper, skanky_scissors, slightlywarped, slowlyfallapart, soclosetome, sour_girl, so_dorky, spittles, starlikemine, star_stealer, stellar0819, steppi965, stuck_on_youx, sues, suffersalvation, superslayer, suziequzie15, sweetdreamer8, tattooed_vanity, tearsoblivion, tellmeastory, thelyndsaydiary, theoriginal, thisxsensation, tinsel_shine, tragic_endingxx, undermyumbrella, vandalxxx, vanishingact, veryxfickle, walkingonglass, watchmefall_x, wishmeluck, wordtowaterxxx, worshipme, x0_b2kishot, x7tytimes7, xashtrayx, xbleedformex, xcuremytragedyx, xfallen_starx, xkissthedragonx, xlaughoutloudx, xlittlesparkeex, xlynduhx, xmellehkinzx, xo_aml3er_ox, xpinkyswearme, xpoetictragedy, xretardedkiwi, xrickee01, xsincerelyme, xxbeautyfiend, xxdontlabelmexx, xyoudontknowmex, x_cutie_babii_x, x_dorkified, x_hootyhoo, yoshimademyday, yourguntomyhead, _avey_, _bloodyromance, _cold_star, _dressedtokill_, _falling, _rotten, _scratch, _starred, _sun_goes_down, _teenager, __summerstars, __tuwitt
Watched by:123: aftersunset, alonestar_, anothernoone, aplainmorning, betterxfuck, blueskyez, bluexmoon, boysdontcryx1x, brassboxheart, breathesymphony, brightestcookie, brokenkisses, brokenx_, chaoticdreamz, crayolamarkers, cwesty10, dani3gurlxx, danzig, darkyetstar_lit, definen0rmality, dejectedemotion, deltadelta, discoverkitt, dorkaykidd, drkredduckie, dyslexic_kissme, eastcoast_rider, emodrunkinlove, emz_rocks, euphoric_eyes, fallxoutxgirl, feel_so_callous, fourtwozero, gimmeacookie, ginger_bread, gluedsafetypins, goosenotchicken, greatestescapis, greendaysnimrod, handlethis, heyvalentine19, icpiztwiztid, id_unleashed, ifwinterends, iloveyoun0t, inacomadream, inxhisxarms, isk84pie, ivebeendamaged, ixheartxu, i_havesinned_, karaisgone, kissme1lasttime, kissofbullets, letterstonoelle, loserchild145, luckedout, marejaney, matesofstatex, missedthefall, musicdork, myheartstops4u, neverreallyover, notinyourstars, oh_my, ourlipscollide_, pacjan, palepinkstars, piepunk, pinkheck, pinkphreek, prettyinpinkx, probonoprobongo, profchaos, pulcher, putuporshutup, rizziscool, romantikxbullet, runrudyrun, sadonthursday, sevenatenine, severedhead, shakeshakekill, shatteredstar, shmrazcat, soclosetome, spittles, starlikemine, sues, sugarfloat, sweetdreamer8, tearsoblivion, tellmeastory, theoriginal, thisxsensation, tragic_endingxx, truthbetold16, vandalxxx, vanishingact, vs17v, watchmefall_x, worshipme, x7tytimes7, xbleedformex, xcuremytragedyx, xkissthedragonx, xkissthesky, xlaughoutloudx, xlynduhx, xo_aml3er_ox, xpinkyswearme, xretardedkiwi, xrickee01, xsincerelyme, xxbeautyfiend, x_cutie_babii_x, yoshimademyday, yourguntomyhead, _avey_, _dressedtokill_, _falling, _scratch, __tuwitt
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