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User:liddleladii69 (110787)
AOL IM:obanqinbabiie (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Meet This Biitch

Hey Bebii!! <3 . . My name is Amanda . . most people call me manda . . and some people call me Mandii [ but only if i love them ] . . i have alota other nicknames to - manda panda bear, bitch, monkey, baby, meeks . . just call me whatever you want. . .Im live in Philly Pa , your a complete dumbass if you dunno were that is ;O) . . my Birthday is Aug. 8 . . im a Leo ! . . Im 5'2 w/ green eyes and light brown hair w/ blonde highlights .. im white. . i gotta boyfriend we have been together 7 months and i love him . . im a pretty nice person and easy to get along w. if you piss me off im a realy bitch and i say what i feel and if you dont like it . that aint my fault.. :O). . if ya like wha ya heard then read my journal <3

God Sent Me and Angel

My Babii allen is the best thing that ever happened to me . . i love him SO much . . we have been going out since 12.27.02, however we were "together" for to months before that . . so we have been together almost 9 months and i couldnt be happier. We have our ups and downs but the good out ways the bad and i would be lost w. out him. He is the best friend i have ever had and i know that i can always count on him. Allen i love you so much angel <3

I`d Be Lost w.O you

Although i have come to find out that most girls are nasty shit talking bitches but you girls are different . . i love all of my blurty girls but some of you i just couldnt live with out . . Nadia . . Chelsea . . Dawn . . Manda . . Jess . . you all never hesitate to help me out or calm me down when im havin a nervouse break down . . thank you so much . . and to my real life friends Beth . Mand . Christie . Christie - Anne . Ash and Laura i love you all VERY much, you all know how horrible i can really be and you are all steal here for me! thank you so much! and even if at times i dont show it i love you!<3

i Love you!

i love - food . allen . kisses . hugs . smiles . perfume . makeup . friends . phones . my baby sister . being w. my baby . shopping . clothes . thongs . jewlery . eminem . soccer . music . going crazy . bubble baths . showers . gifts . money . love . real world . movies . j.lo . babys . monkeys . dogs . late night convos . writing . drawing . reading . little old people . manicures . gettin my hair done . rings . phones . ice cream . water ice . helping people <3

Nasty Shiit

I Hate bitches . snobs . backstabbers . players . hoes . fakes . show offs . drama . school . homework . liars . shit atalkers . drugs . cleaning . concieted people . fire . bugs . cheaters . rejection . insensitive people . jeliousy . most females! <3

Mii journal <33

My journal is Friends Only ... - why? because i dont want the whole world knowing my damn business and because people just comment on w.e they feel like to ask for help and when they get it they never talk to me again . . so i have had enough of that . . if u wouild like to be my friend just comment and i will add you . . i am not picky but i do like to get alot of comments and see lots of updats so if you know you dont do that alot then dont bother because i will remove tyou in a week unless you have an excuse . . but i love to make new friends so aDd me!! <3

Help <33

Yes i do help people . . however i have had enough of all of blurty thinking i am there bitch so here are a few rules and if you don`t follow them then you are not getting help . . simple as that . . ok first of all dont use me, dont act like your my best friend until i make your shit and then when it is done and up you "drop of the face of the earth" cuz if you do that it`ll piss me off and ill delete your shit . . second be nice to me, dont ask me four hundred thousand questions or annoy the hell out of me. Third be specific, don`t email me and go umm i want sumtin j.lo . .no . . the email you send me MUST include your name . . your journal . . what theme you want your layout to have, any pictures you want used, the colors you want used, any words you want the backgroudn to contain, how many text areas you want, what you want in each and an idea of were you want them, if possible an example, wether you want swirlies or not and if you need me to put it up, if you need it put up then i need what you want you comments to say, what you want your links [ friends info icons blah blah ] to say and what you want the title to be. . any promblems them email im or comments me . . if your emails doesn`t contain those things then ill delete it . . kk <3

Stalk Me . .

gifts. . .

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Friend of:55: 030189, 0bsessi0n, 2_dolla, babiiphatt, baby_keke, beautyxlici0uz, bebekisses, blazinbella, booti_liciouz, brooke_a_ness, bxtchy, candiixblondii, carebear, christie_anne, cookiie, craziibabiiox, craziigurl, curiously_close, d0rkable, echo, emxtion, fantasiiez, flirtation, hyper_zee, irishpotato7258, kimsz_rule, krazii_kutie06, kxgetdirrtyxj, lady_lina, liddlealii, lilshortmami, lil_kellz, lozerfreek, madeprincess, mandiibabii, obsessi0nz, perf3ction, sexiishawdii, slimly, smo0ched, sweetheartxx, sweetxbabiy, too_adorable_x, xun4gettablex, xxnikkixx, xx_p0ptarts, yosty, _chelsz, _delicious_, _divorcee, _glowstixx, _lilteaza, _memories, _peaches, __babiegerl
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