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Below is user information for ¤ThE¤øNê¤ChåRiE¤. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:liddle_elfkins (318620)
Website:My LivEjOurNaL
Location:BSG, Virginia, United States
ICQ UIN: 151587486 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:pvchic_2007 (Add User, Send Message)
Jabber: ~* JaBbA WuT ? *~
Bio: Hey yall sup?Gonna let ya know that i'm 14~5'2"~97lbs ~Br0wN hAiR n EyEz-Goto *PvMs* so as Aaron n tha guyz n my cousin say *im tha Powell Valley Chic*. Ima funny-interesting *N* all-around nice girl*-I'm into lotz a things like acting *N* sports. Ima harworkin person *N* I am right in there doin it.*N* I help my dad a lot wit his Electrical/Mechanical/Car work but I grew up around it *N* know how ta do a lotta stuff so he asks me too. *LoL* (n he makes me do stuff sometimes haha he said *he wouldn't let my bro come within 50'feet of tha car or mechanics haha!* So odds are i'll be right n there doin that! Ima usually busy *N* workin on SOMETHING so even durin tha summer @ *Trail* but I love it there *N* tha ppl too *so it doesn't bother me at all... *N* they know I'm there 4 em *N* i would help em out n do ne thing for them! *N* if they don't know that then they needa know that* besides i am one of those few ppl who can't stand to sit still *N* i gotta be workin or doin somethin *LoL* I don't like bein lazy or havin other ppl do a lotta stuff 4 me..I'm too independent 2 let'em!* haha!
*Here's mE ShOuTz ta ppl *N* ppl who i think are important 2 mE! *N* mean tha world!->
-Katherine{*LoL*@hueless ppl of tha world!*}
-Callie{sup shauwtie?}
~Jake{LoL@bracelets,you *N* me~haha ur fast!y ya
do that?<{haha}i care bout ya Jake!don be mad*)
-Vernon{hey ya know i like yaz!haha}
~Aaron{haha tha weekends *N* PvChic}
~Josh{LoL@ u *N* me}
-Bryan H.{hey Bry!}
~Cari{Hey c ya again!}
~Wendy{*friggin awesome* lol ur quote}
If i left ne 1 out ya know who u r so gimme a ring or somethin n i'll add ya!* Wanna know ne thang else jus ask me! I'm there 4 u when *N* if u need me* jus find me! I'll be there.....I *PROMISE* YOU THAT!*Love yall! GiMmE a RiNg or TaLk To Me OnLiNe!* DoN't FoRgEt BoUt Me!* :)
*.:Kara Charie La Nell:.*~*Powell Valley Chic**

Interests:43: 4wheeling, acting, animals, basketball, biking, boy meets world, bracelets, car working, cars, cd's, certain people, computers, dancing, dogs, dvd's, football, friends, funny, guyz, hahah, hanging with friends, hats, hunting, independent, laughing, livejournal, mechanical work, movies, mtv, music, outdoors, outside activity's, parties, phone, pizza, running, shortstuff, singing, skating, small, snow boarding, some ppl, sports
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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