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Below is user information for Libby Hodges. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:libby_h0dges (163073)
Name:Libby Hodges


who me?

`Name-> Libby Hodges
`Nicks-> Lib. Libs. Livvy. Sippy. Libster. Etc.
`Age-> 16
`AIM-> l0veable libby
`Group-> Jump5

yes you!

`Pals-> Frank. Erin. Faye. Aaron. Mika. Amanda. Frankie. Clay. Britt. Angel. Etc.
`Lover-> Frankie Galasso
`Baby-> Reese Andrew Galasso

[Are you shitting me? NO. No no no no no. Not Libby. This is fake. Go away. The end. Also, I've been forced to take down my journal picture because some little twit on some rp board has been hotlinking my stuff and stealing my icons. If you would like to contact her, her email address is . You can view this lovely board at]

Memories:1 entry
Interests:150: 123, amanda bynes, azkaban, babbling, baths, bbq, bears, being an icon whore, blues clues, boats, body boards, brandon hargest, breathing, brittany hargest, bumble-bee-tuna, bumper stickers, buses, calenders, capes, cars, cheese whiz, cherrios, chris fedun, chris trousdale, cloud 9, clubs, colored socks, colors, crackers, cups, dancing, desk lamps, disney, dream catchers, dream street, ear plugs, elephants, envelopes, equate, eye sockets, eyeballs, feelin' special, fishing, floating in air, fluffy little bunnies, flying, folding chairs, frankie galasso, freckles, fun times, god, good things, harry potter, heels, hot tubs, icons, interests, jesse mccartney, jump5, jungle 2 jungle, key chains, keys, kisses, kitchen counters, kitties, laundry tags, lava lamps, lesley moore, libby hodges, light bulbs, lip gloss, little bill, locks, lotion, love, mika boorem, mirrors, moving, my boyfriend, my boyfriends sexy abs, my computer, my tv, myself, nail polish remover, name tags, nodding, noses, notebooks, oreos, other people's eyebrows, paint, paper plates, peprika, pillows, pinky toenails, pins, plastic bags, pools, promise rings, puppies, putting salt on slugs, rain, rambling, rca blank tapes, rishi, rolie polie olie, rpg, rugs, running in circles, seaweed, showers, side table drawer, singing, six packs, skipping, skittles, sliding on ice, spaces, stars, sugar beats, sunday nights, superstars, swimming, syrup, talking, the alphabet, the beach, the color blue, the door, the lizzie mcguire movie, the movies, the thinking chair, the truth, the word juice, tinkerbell, toe rings, toe socks, tom felton, toothbrushes, verbs, wagons, walking, water, weatherworks, wet sand, whipped cream, window panes, windshield wipers, winky faces, your mom
Friends:44: ac_sugar, amit__paul, andyxx, anneliese_vdp, barely_icons, barely_legal, barely_mod, barely_ooc, epstein, erin_tanner_ns, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gl0ssii, gregorysmith__, haylieduff, hillyduff, jamie_xx, jdlennevald, justin_b, kim_klapow, k_sheridan, lea_m, lesley_c_moore, libby_h0dges, lindz_lohanx, mandybynes, marie_s, mikababii, natexmathers, next_topic, play_anna, rosiemunter_, stevie_x_brock, xkirsten_stormx, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _craziichances, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _marykate_, _vancamp, _zachary_hanson, __lauren_c__
Account type:Early Adopter

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