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Below is information about the "By and For Lesbians" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lez_sex_tips (310444)
Name:By and For Lesbians
About:Sister site: gay_sex_tips
Moderated by: animegrl21

Interests:81: advice, bi-curiosity, bi-curious, bisexual, bisexuality, bondage, bottom, cervix, clit, clitoris, cunnilingus, curiosity, cybersex, dental dams, dildo, dildos, domination, dyke, dykes, eroticism, fantasies, fetishes, fingering, fingers, fisting, foreplay, fucking, g-spot, girls, glass, going down, harnesses, homosexual, hymen, intercourse, kinkiness, latex, lesbian, lesbianism, lesbians, lips, love, lube, lubricant, making love, masturbation, menstruation, motion lotion, mutual masturbation, oral, oral sex, orgasms, phone sex, protection, pubic hair, pyrex, responsible sex, role-playing, romance, safe sex, sex, sex ideas, sex questions, sex tips, sexual, sexuality, shaving, strap-ons, submission, sucking, tantric sex, tongue, top, toys, trust, turn-ons, vagina, vibrators, virginity, wet, women
Members:36: amandabutkis, anemicandsweet, animegrl21, babygirl2no1, brighteyeddove, dew1969, eternal_infinit, fallen_star007, femmeflame, gutimbett, i_wanna_fuck, jenlian, jessleigh, kaos143, knowledge216, liddlestrutz, lil_sweets, lipsticklesbian, loser411, methacting, mistress_true, poison2humans, princess_919, rubberrage, satanhatesyu, seasonschanging, shybloodytears, softshadow, sunwolf, ticklemoose, urban_child, wolfchild16, wolfsoul, xhornyx, _piecesofme_, _x_delirious_x_
Watched by:15: dew1969, gutimbett, jenlian, jessleigh, knowledge216, liddlestrutz, lipsticklesbian, rubberrage, satanhatesyu, shybloodytears, ticklemoose, urban_child, xhornyx, _medusa_, _piecesofme_
Account type:Free User

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