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User:level_billy27 (82110)
Name:Billy Martin
Location:United States
AOL IM:x hamster love x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Billeehhh dontchaknow. I have a phat ass band called Good Charlotte. It's named after a children's book, dontchaknow. I talk in third person a lot.

My gang bang buddies Band:
benji_l_m doesn't think old crazy ladies are rad, but he really likes fish.
xmadex__joelx is cool as hell and we smoke pot drink surge together.
saint_paul IS NOT A SAINT MMKAY?

My Posse:
dirrty__xtina_ is the sweetest most beautiful person I know, and is the love of my life. She's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm thankful for every minute we spend together.
kellylee is my bestest best friend even though she always kicks me. =p Nonetheless, I lurf her and you shouldn't mess because she owns your mom.
ej_wood46 is one of my best pals, and a fellow video game freak. Muahaha, power to the gamecube. I will forever cherish our invention of chinese food topped with chocolate syrupt.
barelybrody is one of the sweetest, most tolerant people you'll ever meet and I don't know what I'd do without her. We watch Hamtaro together. ^^
xchellexbranchx is rad as rad can be even though she tries to make every day of my life miserable. IE: shoving me off a hill in a porta potty. Lurve you anyway Chelle. ^^
quirkykeanu is my pal, so don't hate. I heart him and his rose garden. Muahha. Tasty.
elizaxdushku_ is a spider monkey! But I love our random pointless very deep conversations. ^^
max_weinberg thinks my pink eye shadow is pink eye, but it's NOT. >.< Old man.

[[ NO I am NOT really Billy, so don't have a cow and the whole farm. You don't have to tell me that I'm not Billy either because HOPEFULLY I would know that already. Hurrr. Don't IM me, comment on my journal, or stalk me. Goodbye.]]

Interests:19: cartoons, daniel johns, drawing, elijah wood, garden gnomes, good charlotte, guitar, hamsters, level 27, myself, nightmare before christmas, playstation, scoopy fruit, silverchair, skateboarding, skittles, sushi, vegetarianism, video games
Friends:99: almostkate, avrilxlavignex, a_shinoda, bass_spicoluk, benji_l_m, berties_madness, bev_mitch, bigbadbrad01, blinkman_mark, bourret, brianxmolko, brian_welch, candy_mandy_, chasmin, chazy_b, chrisxwilson_gc, cindythomasxox, clarksoncutie, damien_trl, daron_malakian, digital_dreamr, dirrty__xtina_, eatmyfuck, ej_wood46, elisha_cuthbert, elizaxdushku_, evan_4_ever, franka_potente, george_dubya, ginger_halo, gwenstefani, herrera, holmesless_kati, ian__nfg, imbruglia0, james_shaffer, james___king, jenny_t_, jenxdelongex, jimmyxurine, johnny_the_mod, jonathan_davis, joseph_hahn, justifiedtms, j_mayer077, kaos_nick, kellylee, k_rosaasen, level_billy27, lovato_anthony, lyn_z, madden_sarah, madden_sis_sar, mattxxbrann, max_weinberg, meow__talena, michaelshinoda, mista_pundik, monica_keena, m_mcgrath, natalie_port, nicky_chas, originallucy, pheonixfarrell, pierre_, p_rception, quinnifer, rachxthexpussy, real_perception, rob_bourdy, saint_paul, sam_bennington, sarahmartinxo, sexkittencarmen, sexy_staci, she_elf_liv, simple_david_x, skyexhoppus, stevexnfg, steve_righ, stevo, studboyserj, tairrie__b, theconan, theused_jeph, thoraxbirch, tommy_delong, travis_182, tysonxritter, vanessayt, xchellexbranchx, xchristinaricci, xheathledger, xmadex__joelx, xpwalker, x_kreuk_x, x_lena_x, yellowsponge, _aj_cook
Friend of:82: airinolder, almostkate, ashley_fuller_o, aslavetocheese, attack_mack, avril_lavignexx, bassist_gc, bass_spicoluk, benj__madden, bertdaddy, berties_madness, blinkman_mark, boyd__billy, bspears, carter_sis_bj, carvey, chad__gilbert, chastitysucks, clarksoncutie, conelikespeace, ct_mft, cyrus__bolooki, danieljohns, daron_malakian, dirrty__xtina_, elisha_cuthbert, evan_4_ever, george_dubya, ginger_halo, hayden__, herrera, ian__nfg, i_am_dan, jaimeking, jenxdelongex, jerexmest, jimmyxurine, jnf_mod, johnny_the_mod, jonathan_davis, joseph_hahn, josh_henderson_, j_mayer077, kaos_nick, level_billy27, lyn_z, mattxxbrann, matty_lovato, max_weinberg, miss_mandy_, mista_pundik, mkolsen, nais_lameche, orli_bloom13, orli_bloom_, phiphi_farrell, pierre_sp, quinnifer, rob_bourdy, rose_mcgowan, sarahmartinxo, sexkittencarmen, she_elf_liv, simplystiles, sleepy_kitty, sororitycandace, sp_d4ve, steve_righ, stuart_t, studboyserj, tommy_delong, tonya_m_, travis_182, va_nessa, xbrit_murphy, xchristinaricci, xheathledger, x_kreuk_x, x_lena_x, yellowsponge, _angelina_, _smg_
Member of:4: hurr_convos, justnotfamous, real_perception, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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