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Below is user information for straten ringley. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lethebliss (141561)
Name:straten ringley
Location:Paris, France
Interests:106: abstract art, acker, allen ginsberg, artificial life, atheism, baudelaire, beat generation, beck, bjork, burroughs, carla bruni, cellular automata, christopher nolan, classics, coen brothers, communism, cubism, cyc, dali, darren aronofsky, david bowie, david fincher, david lynch, de kooning, derrida, descartes, e.e. cummings, emily dickinson, existentialism, foucault, fractals, france, french, futurism, game theory, gertrude stein, gore vidal, graham greene, greek, gustav klimt, heidegger, hume, jean genet, joan miro, john malkovich, joyce, kahlil gibran, kandinsky, kant, keith haring, kristeva, latin, leibniz, linguistics, literary criticism, lucian freud, magritte, mallarme, malraux, mandelbrot, marguerite duras, marx, michio kaku, modern art, modigliani, mondrian, nabokov, neural networks, nick drake, nietzsche, noam chomsky, pascal, paul klee, phenomenology, philology, philosophy, pollock, portishead, postmodernism, proust, relativism, roman polanski, rufus wainwright, sartre, saussure, seamus heaney, searle, semiology, stanley kubrick, steve jobs, steven hawking, string theory, superstring theory, surrealism, sylvia plath, synesthesia, ted hughes, theoretical physics, theory of everything, tori amos, umberto eco, unified field theory, usc, warhol, wes anderson, wittgenstein
Friends:11: civilidiocy, doceamargo, glowworms, glumdrop, jacquesdubois, ladycordelia, malison, marginalia, satyadasa, sheep4859, soapbar
Friend of:4: civilidiocy, glumdrop, marginalia, meiusech
Member of:4: betweenthelines, radical_thought, wordgetsaround, writingprojects
Account type:Early Adopter

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